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Montclair, NJ
Sunday, February 25, 2018

Montclair State: It’s All Crowded Here

The first week of class is always busy. During that time, it is more difficult to find parking, takes longer to get a cup...

Gun Violence in the US: Standing Still is Not Patriotic, it is Irresponsible

I am tired of hearing the same tune; that eerily similar narrative of the rampant gun violence that occurs in the United States. I...

Crisis in Barcelona

In its efforts to secede, Catalonia has ushered Spain into a period of major change. However, numerous attempts for independence has left the Catalan...
Is the Age of Print Really Dying?

Is the Age of Print Really Dying?

Imagine sitting on a blanket in the middle of a park, the warm autumn sun playing on the leaves in the sky and an...

Dear Donald Trump, Please Stay Away From Sports

President Donald Trump should take his own advice and stick to his job.

Ratings Never Lie:The Grammy Awards Fail Epically

On Sunday night, James Corden hosted the 60th annual Grammy Awards on CBS, and according to the ratings, it was an epic fail. According to...

Why Valentine’s Day is Overrated

There's too more to love than carnations and teddy bears.

A Pipeline in the Sand

Controversy over pipeline projects intensifies as Trump gives them the green-light

Trump May Offend, But Hard Stances Put Spotlight On Him

The race for the 2016 Republican nomination has been heated and active for months already, but one potential candidate has been dominating the headlines...

Identity Crisis Continues Among the Parties

There’s an all-out war being waged for the soul of America’s two biggest political parties. Are Republicans the party of anger or the party...
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