Russian Collusion – Clinton Edition

By AJ Melillo, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

During the 2016 presidential debate, Donald Trump supporters cried “Lock her up!” A recently released news story has brought the day that cry becomes a reality that much closer.

On Oct. 24, The Washington Post released a story which verified that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) paid for the fake dossier the FBI used to open an investigation into the then-candidate Donald Trump.

Earlier this year, former British Spy Christopher Steele was hired by a security company to gather information on Trump. The Clinton campaign, the DNC and the FBI all funded this company. They had hired Steele for “opposition research” according to a Clinton campaign spokesperson. The Steele dossier was delivered to then President Barack Obama and then President-elect Donald Trump. After confirming that some of the allegations were true, the FBI never verified which ones were true. The actions of the FBI are probably because none of the allegations were true.

So where did Christopher Steele get his information? Russia. Despite the mainstream media’s narrative that the Russians were working with now President Donald Trump, The Washington Post’s article proves that they were working for Hillary Clinton. This leads to a bigger scandal which broke this week— the Obama administration and Uranium One.

On Oct. 17, The Hill released an article that exposed major decisions the Obama administration made which helped Vladimir Putin’s nuclear ambitions. They reported that Russia gained control over 20 percent of American’s uranium when the Obama administration approved the partial sale of Uranium One. The Hill also reported that before that, a confidential U.S. witness gave the FBI evidence that verified Russia had “compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”

The Russia also gave millions of dollars to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation to receive a favorable decision. Everyone’s favorite corrupt couple accepted bribes from a foreign government in exchange for changes in U.S. policy.

This is blatantly illegal and proves collusion between the Clintons and the Russians dated at least as far back as 2010. The worst part is that Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) knew about this scandal, but did not bring up immediate charges when all of the evidence was clearly there. Instead they continued investigating for another four years, which left congress and the American people in the dark about these crimes.

After this information came out, reports by the mainstream media began claiming that the Russians could not sell the raw uranium after mining it, making it no big deal. However, this argument has a few holes in it.

The media failed to mention that the Russians can sell enriched and weaponized uranium. According to a Fox News article in early 2017, the Russians sold weaponized uranium to Iran, America’s biggest enemies in the Middle East, and one of Russia’s strongest allies.

The reason our Secretary of State at the time, Hillary Clinton, turned a blind eye to all of this is simple. She was getting paid.

According to Jo Becker and Mike McIntire at The New York Times, Uranium One’s Chairman made donations to the Clinton’s foundation. Those donations, which totaled to 2.35 million dollars, were not disclosed by them “despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors,” said Becker and McIntire. The two also reported that others with ties to the company made donations too.

Of course Clinton’s campaign said they knew nothing about the deal, although she was in charge of our foreign relations.

The Clinton campaign, Obama administration, FBI and DNC are all extremely corrupt and these reports prove it. Soon enough we will see all of their leaders wearing orange jump suits behind bars.These egregious criminal acts are way too detailed to express in a short article. I suggest you read the full articles from The Hill and The Washington Post to get the complete story.



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