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‘Detective Pikachu’ May Be The Best There Ever Was

by Adrian Maldonado

Imagine living alongside Pokémon, monsters that have special powers used for the good of society. In the movie “Detective Pikachu,” the protagonist Tim, played by Justice Smith, teams up with a talkative, coffee-drinking Pikachu, played by Ryan Reynolds. While only Tim can understand Pikachu, the duo explore Ryme City and investigate the mystery of Tim’s missing father. “Detective Pikachu” is a lighthearted, fun movie that can be understood by those who don’t follow the Pokémon franchise.

I have waited years for The Pokémon Company to create some sort of live action Pokémon game or movie, and “Detective Pikachu” meets all of my expectations.


Pikachu and Tim try to find out the whereabouts of Tim’s father, a cop in Ryme City. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. and The Pokémon Company

The story of “Detective Pikachu” follows a lot of the lore from the popular anime series. It features a ton of easter eggs from the video games that only long-term fans will understand. However, those who are not caught up with the games or the series will still be able to follow the movie. That is something I admire that Warner Bros. and The Pokémon Company pulled off, considering the world of Pokémon can be really complicated sometimes.

The Computer-generated imagery (CGI) in “Detective Pikachu” really impressed me. The amount of details, design, color and flow of the Pokémon helped the movie come to life. I felt immersed in the world of “Detective Pikachu” and felt as if I were in the world myself. Ten-year-old me would have been screaming with excitement while watching this movie.

There are so many Pokémon featured in the film, and each scene introduces a new one. It’s really cool to see how Warner Bros. and The Pokémon Company have adapted the game designs into live-action CGI design.


Pikachu is a very silly and super adorable Pokémon who loves coffee and playing detective. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. and The Pokémon Company

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu makes the movie all the more enjoyable. “Detective Pikachu” is essentially the PG version of “Deadpool.” Reynolds always delivers comedic lines, some of a naughtier nature directed at both adults and children. I can’t see anyone else voicing Pikachu. Ryan Reynolds is the perfect actor for this role and he makes the movie such a lighthearted experience. The crowd in the theater was constantly laughing at Pikachu’s hilarious comments.

I wish I saw more Pokémon battles. In the game and in the anime series, Pokémon battles are constantly shown and are one of the best parts of the franchise. However, “Detective Pikachu” only delivers a few Pokémon battles that left me eager to see more, but this was due to the story in Ryme City. Humans are meant to live alongside Pokémon, and it is illegal to battle with Pokémon which is thoroughly explained in the plot of the movie.


Many Pokémon from different game generations appear in the live-action adaptation. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. and The Pokémon Company

As someone who has been playing Pokémon games since I was five years old and is caught up with the anime, “Detective Pikachu” reignited my childhood passion.

Through some scenes of the movie, I got chills and was reminded of the times I used to play Pokémon as a kid with my older brother. Even the 8-bit soundtrack, which is a throwback to the very first Pokémon games, gave me such a nostalgic feeling and experience.

I love “Detective Pikachu” so much and I thank Warner Bros. and The Pokémon Company for doing an extraordinary job on making the world of Pokémon come to life.


The cast of “Detective Pikachu” at the premier of the movie in Tokyo. Photo courtesy of Pokémon Detective Pikachu Twitter

“Detective Pikachu” receives a score of nine out of 10. The movie delivers a fun, yet predictable story with a mix of emotional elements that audiences can relate to. The life-like Pokémon are breathtaking, and even though not all of the 800-plus Pokémon are featured, I hope that Warner Bros. and The Pokémon Company continue to make live-action adaptations for the Pokémon franchise to show what the other Pokémon would look like in CGI and create more unique stories that are interesting and different from the anime and the games.

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