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For Love and the Love of Chocolate

by Rosaria Lo Presti

This week both romance and the love for chocolate was in the air as Montclair State University planned ahead for Valentine’s Day.

Without exception, chocolate is the easiest way to express one’s love and affection on Valentine’s Day. The heavenly aroma of chocolate wrapped up in a heart-shaped box is an incredibly romantic gift for many students on campus.

According to the article “Chocolate: The Love Drug” from Fox News, chocolate has been found to increase love and affection between couples. It has also been proven to give consumers a satisfactory feeling that keeps people warm during the cold winter months.

The combination of its sweet aroma, texture and taste have been found to stimulate emotions, causing people to feel what is called a “chocolate high.”

Michelle Sales, a sophomore international business major, agrees that chocolate is the quintessential romantic gesture.

“I think chocolate is a romantic candy,” Sales said. “It is something that everyone associates with love, which is why it is so popular among couples.”

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, Montclair State students have given insight into what their favorite chocolate is and what they are planning to do on Valentine’s Day.

“My all-time favorite chocolate is Ferrero Rocher,” said Dana De Dejos, a freshman justice studies major. “On Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I are planning to go to the Sojo Spa Club in Edgewater then eat at the Cast Iron Pot in Fairview.”


Freshman justice studies major Dana De Dejos poses with her boyfriend Daniel Nieto, a freshman biology major at Montclair State. Photo courtesy of De Dejos

According to the article, “Ferrero Rocher Finds Valentine’s Day Love” from Netbase, online consumers rated Ferrero Rocher to be the “perfect gift” to give and receive.

For many on campus, Valentine’s Day might seem like just another Thursday. However, with all the events occurring on campus, fun is unavoidable.

Sophmore Salah Ahmed thinks that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by everyone.

“A lot of people assume that on Valentine’s Day you have to be in a relationship to enjoy the day.” Ahmed said. “This Valentine’s Day, I am going to meet up with my friends in the Student Center and check out the Valentine’s Day activities.”

Valentine’s Day is not only for those in a relationship here at Montclair State. The university is hosting a wide variety of events, including Valentine’s Day breakfast and open mic night, as well as many games, all of which will be located inside the Student Center on Valentine’s Day.

While many students living on campus lack transportation to go out and buy a gift, stopping at one of the many bake sales hosted on campus this Valentine’s Day is a simple and easy way to treat that special someone.

Whether it’s romance, the love of chocolate or the activities happening on and around campus, Valentine’s Day is a fun and exciting day for everyone.

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