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Montclair State Graduates Give Final Reflection on Their College Experience

by Carly Henriquez

As the spring semester has concluded at Montclair State University, so has the entire undergraduate college journey for several thousand students.

Family and friends gathered at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey to join the Montclair State graduates at the 2018 commencement ceremony. Galia Hernandez | The Montclarion

The university held their undergraduate commencement ceremony at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on Friday, May 25.

Prior to the beginning of the commencement, Montclair State students lined up backstage eagerly awaiting the moment they have worked toward for several years.

Cosimo Carrieri waits backstage, excited to be done with his education at Montclair State University. The Montclarion | Carly Henriquez

Graduate Cosimo Carrieri, who majored in exercise science, took a brief moment to give credit to those who aided him the most during his time at Montclair State.

“I just want to thank my family for always supporting me and finally seeing me get this,” Carrieri said.

At Montclair State, Carrieri participated in the Bonner Leader Program for a year and was a member of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity for three years.

“Time flies,” Carrieri said. “My sister is [also] going to graduate next year [from] Montclair State while I continue my education at Rutgers University for physical therapy.”

Carlill John stands with her friends seconds before entering the auditorium. The Montclarion | Carly Henriquez

Students, such as Carlill John, come from a line of prior college graduates; however, that doesn’t make her success any less of a milestone. She graduated with a degree in information technology and has made history in her own family.

“I’m the first girl to graduate in my family,” John said. “After graduation, I’ll be going straight into the job field to gain more experience and at Montclair State I was able to get an internship.”

University President Susan Cole delivers a speech on behalf of the 2018 Montclair State graduating class.
Galia Hernandez | The Montclarion Photo credit: Galia Hernandez

John took the time to acknowledge a faculty member that made her college experience a smoother process.

“Professor Aparna Varde [associate professor in the computer science department] helped me out a lot here,” John said.

John was not the only graduate who wanted to commemorate a faculty from Montclair State.

Caroline Munoz-Najar stands, minutes away from entering the arena. The Montclarion | Carly Henriquez

Caroline Munoz-Najar, a business administration major with a concentration in management, gave one of her professors credit for changing her outlook on the entire university.

“It was amazing here, I can’t complain,” Munoz-Najar said. “I didn’t join any organizations because I worked two different jobs, but David Finch [adjunct professor in the Feliciano School of Business] really changed my perspective on [Montclair State].”

Munoz-Najar further mentioned that she took professor Finch four semesters back to back due to the fact that he taught students through his own experience and made it fun to learn.

While some students are relieved to be finished with college completely, others are simply transitioning into the next level of schooling.

Juan Salgado walks toward the arena. The Montclarion | Carly Henriquez

Molecular biology major Juan Salgado is ready to take on his next journey as a medical school student. He is currently preparing to take his Medical College Admission Test.

“It’s time to move on to the next step in life,” Salgado said.




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