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The Intimidation of Car Parc Diem

by Jesse Sanzari

Summer is on its way and the last few weeks of the semester are coming to a close, but the fresh new faces of the class of 2022 will soon get their first view of Montclair State University. With the high school seniors’ excitement to start college comes the nerves and the hassles associated with being a commuter student, like parking.

As a soon-to-be sophomore, I still find myself intimidated by commuter parking on campus. Every day, I battle the relentless line of determined college students swarming Car Parc Diem in search of a parking spot. Newcomers will definitely be intimidated by the university’s parking situation. Angry drivers, tight quarters and limited parking spots are a few of the daily frustrations commuters face. Although parking is quite the hassle, steps can be taken to minimize the frustration.

For starters, establishing a solid routine will help new college students adjust to their commute. Knowing your schedule and allowing yourself enough time to find a parking spot will help eliminate the frustration that being in a rush can cause. The extra time will help you to tolerate that slow driver in front of you who is just inching along, oblivious to your irritation. Arriving on campus a half hour early or so allows commuters to pace themselves and eventually find a spot before their classes begin.

I have trouble getting up in the morning and leaving my house on time, too. I debate whether or not to stop for breakfast and usually regret doing so when I arrive at school to find a full parking garage.

On days that I manage my time well, I see how beneficial it is to stick to a schedule. By practicing good time management, I avoid the highway traffic of Route 80 and arrive to class on time. This allows me to walk to class instead of running with books in one hand, coffee in another and my face flushed red. One of the lessons incoming students will learn is the importance of managing your time.

Beginning college can be intimidating, especially for commuter students who deal with the weight of being on a new campus, taking challenging courses and meeting new people, all while driving to school every day. It’s not an easy task. Making and sticking to a time schedule will help lighten the pressure of parking and any other aspects of college life.

College is a fun and liberating time in your life. Anxious individuals should plan ahead to save them the time and trouble associated with being a commuter student, like battling the infamous Car Parc Diem.

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