University Joins the United Nations Academic Impact Program


Montclair State is honored with joining the United Nations as part of UNAI.
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End of Semester Horrors


It’s the end of the fall semester, which means some college students are singing, “It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year” instead of the
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Public and Professional Writing Introduced as New Major Going into Fall 2019


Many students at Montclair State University will soon be able to get crafty with different types of writing styles. The university’s writing studies department will
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Featured Story
Laurence Jay-Rayon Ibrahim Aibo taught French and German language courses and was also the director of the Center for Translation and Interpreting. Photo courtesy of
The Montclarion

Modern languages professor Laurence Jay-Rayon Ibrahim Aibo was terminated this August, leaving many students upset about her sudden termination and concerned about how the department will move forward in her sudden absence.

On June 21, Jay-Rayon was notified that her contract was going to be renewed for the upcoming academic year. In July, Jay-Rayon prepared for the upcoming year by moving to a new office space and continuing her work for the department.

On Aug. 2, she received an email from Robert Friedman, the dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, saying there was “bad news” regarding the updated contract from the university that she was waiting to receive.

Jay-Rayon was informed that the administration had decided to eliminate her position and would not be offering her a new contract. Jay-Rayon was not on a tenured track, but the news came as a surprise after the previous indication that she would be welcomed back.

“I thought it was a misunderstanding and you don’t change your mind about something like that,” Jay-Rayon said. “You don’t change your mind about someone’s life.”

Some students were confused about the termination of someone they consider so integral to the department, especially nearing the start of the school year. Noah Johnston, a junior double-majoring in French and linguistics with a concentration in translation, led a student effort to email members of the dean’s office and the provost’s office looking for answers.

“She was the translation expert within the department,” Johnston said. “She gave us extremely useful and pertinent information that…

Did you know that the Red Hawk Dollars Application was replaced by a new program called eAccounts? If so, what are your thoughts?

By Sunah Choudhry, AJ Melillo and Rebecca Serviss

Political Science


Gian Vargas

“It’s a little obscure to check the swipes on the app. I think it’s because we don’t have a direct option or link to check it. The only way to check how many swipes you have is if you go to Sam’s [Place] and they swipe you in. That would be something I would want to add into the app is how many swipes you have left. I’m kind of running low on swipes myself.”



Samantha Obuabi

“When I go up to the cashier [normally,] they ask if I want to use my Red Hawk Dollars or Flex Dollars. I normally go with Flex because I don’t know how to check how much I have in Red Hawk dollars. I normally just go with Flex because it is a lot simpler for me to understand.”

Sports Media & Journalism


George Jamgochian

“Yes, I was aware of the switch. The thing that irritates me the most is we are not able to add Red Hawk Dollars to our account anymore. I felt like that was a better way to pay for meals instead of burning Flex Dollars every day. ”



Naimah Ray

“I think that the new application is very ineffective. It does not show students what they want to know about their current meal plan. In a whole, it sucks.”