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Blanton Hall Installs New Kitchen for Residents


Blanton Hall residents no longer have to exit the building to cook. In January, the hall officially opened a new community kitchen where students can
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Students Take Advantage of Free HIV Testing at University Health Center


Montclair State University students will have the opportunity to go to the University Health Center for free HIV testing in Blanton Hall. The health center
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University College Allows Students to ‘Crash-a-Class’


Montclair State University students now have the opportunity to sit in a classroom of their choice for a day thanks to a program created by
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Montclair State took home six first place awards in the NJPF College News Paper Contest
The Montclarion

February saw the Grammys and the Oscars, but March is reserved for the New Jersey Press Foundation (NJPF)’s NJ College Newspaper Contest.

New Jersey college newspapers select their best articles and news stories during a one-year time period. Anything published between March 1, 2018 and Feb. 28 was eligible for nomination. Winners were announced on March 18.

The Montclarion saw numerous awards in this contest, landing six first place awards, one second place award and two third place awards. First place awards were given to The Montclarion in the news writing and feature writing categories with “Cold Consequences: The Aftermath of Montclair State’s Snowy Nightmare” and “Tales of Hijabi Women: How a Scarf Can Impact Everyday Life” respectfully. The Arts and Entertainment/Critical Writing and Web Project categories also won gold for The Montclarion with “Orson Welles’ ‘The Other Side of the Wind’: A Great End to His Cinematic Career” and “Juul: The Flavored Flash Drive Frenzy” respectfully. “Student Artist Profile: Joe Baez” also won third place for Web Project. A second place win was given to “Moldy Montclair State Makes Mighty Mistake” for Editorial Writing.

The awards did not stop at just writing for The Montclarion. The Photography and Online Video categories also saw first place wins. “From Belmar to Team USA” won first place for Photography and “A Mother’s Loss” grabbed the first place spot for Online…

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Do you think the university should fix current building problems before starting new construction projects?

By Rebecca Serviss & Jennifer Losos



Cat Lowe

“I think it is super important for other buildings to be renovated before new buildings are put up because, for example, Bohn Hall really needs air conditioning. I lived there, [and] it was awful in the summer. I also think buildings such as Webster [Hall] and Dickson [Hall] could use an upgrade as well.”

Television and Digital Media


Amanda Fantasia

“I think that it would be a lot more convenient for students if [the university] fixed what the buildings already have. If the university was to focus completely on building new things, it would take the focus away from what already needs to be addressed, and it’s just adding new problems and new things to worry about.”

Audio/Sound Design


Austin Elliott

“I think that [haivng residents pay a deposit] is very practical. [Having the money already paid] is less of a hassle for [students] to pay [rather than] paying it every single time there’s damage.”



Cassandra Wickowski

“[The university] should [fix current problems] because why waste money on new buildings if they can’t fix current ones? It’s wasting unnecessary money and it’s wasting more time also.”