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Montclair State University Offers A Program for Students Without Family Support Network


Students at Montclair State University with personal struggles can find more than just a major when they become part of the Red Hawk Fellows program.
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The NJAC has suspended all fall sports as of today due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Photo courtesy of
The Montclarion

The New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) sent out a press release on the morning of July 28, 2020, suspending all fall sports in the upcoming season due to concerns of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This cancellation will affect football, women’s soccer, men’s soccer, field hockey, women’s volleyball, women’s cross country and men’s cross country.

Rob Chesney, director of athletics at Montclair State University, made a statement in the release.

“The decision made unanimously by the member institutions to suspend fall sports was a difficult one,” Chesney said. “We are all disappointed that this will not be a typical season and will continue working hard to provide our student-athletes with a positive experience this year. We are also committed to providing all fall student-athletes with a meaningful season in the spring of 2021 and look forward to planning those opportunities in the near future.”

The cancellation includes all fall sports contests and league championships for the fall 2020 semester. The NJAC is looking at every option to allow fall sports to compete in the spring semester while allowing them to train and practice in the fall semester.

Michael Ceceri, a sophomore offensive lineman for Montclair State’s football team, commented on his season being taken away due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The virus has taken a toll on all of our fall sports but hasn’t taken away what matters most to athletes, the ability to adapt, deal with adversity and overcome any challenge put in front of us as one big…

What are your plans for spring break?

By Kristoffer Fernandes

Communication Studies


Kelsey Meyer

“I’m just gonna be working pretty much everyday because my work schedule is built around my school schedule so when I’m not at school I try to work as much as I can. I think I prefer to stay at home then go on vacation, and plus I’m making money instead of spending it which is always fun.”

Communication & Media Arts


Sydney Williams

“It’s only a week long so plans are to hang out with my mom because I haven’t seen her in awhile. Go shopping with my mom and eat good food because I want to take a break from Sam’s and like chill. I don’t really have set plans because there’s not much time to go somewhere or do much.”

Computer Science


Michael Aquilino

“It’s been a pretty tough semester so far, so I’m gonna try to find time to relax and see people I don’t usually see. I’ve been looking for an internship this semester so I can be more prepared when I graduate because I’m supposed to be graduating next semester. So over spring break I have projects to work on.”



Camille Blue

“For this spring break I will be working. I own a small business “Twisted by Camille”. I took the advantage of having this long break to work on my brand, work on my business, and gain some more clientele. Instead of spending money and going away, I’m deciding to stay here and save money.”