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Nursing Professor Bikes 200 Miles for University Food Pantry


Andrew Scanlon, professor of nursing at Montclair State University, rode his bike the full length of New Jersey. Scanlon rode from Montclair State to Cape
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Pop-Up Shop Event Encourages Students to Explore Downtown Montclair


To kick off Commuter Life Appreciation Week (CLAW), Montclair State invited over 25 downtown businesses in Montclair, New Jersey to set up pop-up shop kiosks
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Students Make a Difference on 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance


The Student Center cafeteria at Montclair State was filled with students hungry to volunteer for the 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance on Saturday,
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Former Sigma Pi Advisor and alumni steals from fraternity. The fraternity's rock is located between Blanton and Webster Hall. Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion Photo credit: Olivia Kearns
The Montclarion

Joseph Specchio, Montclair State University alumni and former advisor to Sigma Pi’s Iota Iota Chapter was charged with third-degree theft after stealing over 43-thousand dollars from the fraternity. Campus police arrested Specchio on July 30 after evidence showed his use of bad checks and fraudulent use of credit cards in addition to theft.

Being responsible for managing Sigma Pi’s treasury, Specchio stole exactly $43,819.86 from the fraternity over the course of two-and-a-half years.

Giavanna Caratozzolo, a junior English major, was upset by Specchio’s deception.

“He is not following through on the basis on what he supposedly stood for and that’s just upsetting,” Caratozzolo said. “As well as the fact that the act of stealing from the basis of what helps these boys become something greater on a college level is even worse.”

Specchio had linked the fraternity’s funds to his personal Bank of America checking account. There were various money transfers from the Sigma Pi account to his account between February 2016 to December 2018.

Specchio used the fraternity debit card to link to his personal account on a daily basis. The money was used for personal items including goods, services, cash withdrawal, gas and food. Most of the purchases were made near his home or at Montclair State.

Katelyn MacVane, a junior English major, shared her feelings on the matter.

“I think it’s horrible that someone would do this. That money was supposed to go to that fraternity’s funds to be used for important matters,” MacVane said. “I don’t have friends in a sorority or fraternity and I honestly don’t know what they do but I do know that what that guy did was wrong.”

The members of Sigma Pi became suspicious of Specchio and obtained the bank statement from their Bank of America account.

When it was discovered that Specchio was using the organization’s bank account…

What do you think is the key to doing well in a job interview?

By Annabel Reyes



Bernice Ndegwa

“The key to being successful in any job interview is confidence. I believe that once you’re confident walking into a job interview or really anything in life, the interviewer is able to see that you not only want the job, but you are able to successfully go through with the job. I went on a job interview this summer and it was for a marketing job and that’s the exact same thing my mom told me when I went in for the interview was to be confident and luckily I got the job.”

Family Science & Human Development


Rebecca Granovskaya

“I think the key to doing well in a job interview is definitely being confident in what you’re saying and asking questions and being prepared, really. For the job that I just recently got, I went up to the front desk of where I work and was like, ‘Hey are you guys hiring?,’ and the manager was like, ‘Come back tomorrow for an interview.’ That one went well, I’m still working there so I guess just be yourself and stay calm and confident.”



Maahir Malhotra

“I think the key to doing well in a job interview is if you look presentable and you act like yourself. Be very professional about it. I have been on a job interview and I usually just dress properly, answer the right questions if they ask me [and] be very calm.”

Political Science


Frank Velez

“The key to being successful at an interview is being who you are and not trying to format yourself or try to fit into what you think your employer wants. Be authentic, be confident and be the person you think you want to be.”