World Students’ Day Brings Success to a Budding Campus Organization


Justice for Education holds free raffle events in Student Center
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Beauty at the Cost of No Animals


Cruelty-Free Beauty Soiree returned to Rathskeller for beauty, food and animal awareness
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Enterprise Rent-a-Car Rides Up to Business School


Enterprise Rent-A-Car company took a pit stop on Montclair State University’s campus to educate business majors on personal branding, networking and possible internships. The company’s
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Nine rapes were reported in this year’s Jeanne Clery Act crime report for 2017. The number has increased by two since the years 2016 and 2015. In 2014, four rapes were reported.

Sexual assault has been a hot topic in the media over the past year, from Harvey Wienstein to #MeToo and to the recent Brett Kavanaugh case.

“Sexual assaults reported tend to fluctuate from year to year,” said University Police Department Capt. Kieran Barrett. “As we can surely bet, the number of actual assaults is higher.”

Barrett said that the university has a sexual assault response team, including numerous campus departments to make the reporting process for those seeking help as comfortable as possible.

“Many times students choose not to file charges, which is their right,” Barrett said. “However, many wish to avail themselves of other services at the university.”

Undeclared sophomore Rafael Scafuro believes media coverage has encouraged women to speak out…

What are your thoughts on the the new system of textbooks at the University Bookstore?

By Corinne Appel

Family Science &
Human Development

Jessica Moreno

“I think it’s better because it’s less confusing from the codes classes give me. I think I like it. I go by the author and then the book.”

Justice Studies

Alexandra Quast-Cadavid

“It has made it more difficult for me to find my books that I need for classes. Now I actually have go through and look for the authors from my actual teachers, rather than just going to look for my class and then my section.”

Family Science &
Human Development

Julyssa Zevallos

“At first I was really confused about it. I was like okay I can’t find the book I’m looking for. But then once I realized that it was organized by author I was thought this is much easier now. Sometimes I could not find my class but now that its by the author I can find it easily.”


Trevor Gioia

“It’s been more confusing for me. It’s just that usually when I go into the bookstore it’s the beginning of the semester and you’re trying to find your books. They change stuff around and it’s weird but at the same time are they trying to be a library? It’s like hey guys we’re a library now. That’s confusing.”