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Students Lined Up With Excitement at SLAM’s Spring Week Casino Night


Lines of students filled up the Student Center Ballroom at Student Life at Montclair’s (SLAM) Casino Night Event this past Monday. The casino night theme
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Freshmen Flock to Spring Week Quad BBQ


The Student Center Annex was a ghost town. Its usual group of students who wait around between classes fled to the quad where Student Life
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University’s Denim Day Sheds Light on Sexual Assault


Like any regular day, you put your favorite pair of denim jeans on, not thinking of what they represent or mean. However, today your pair
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Kevin P. Bradley, a Montclair State University alumnus, Feliciano School of Business advisory board member, executive vice president and chief financial officer of the U.S. Steel corporation, will be the keynote speaker for the 2019 undergraduate ceremony. Photo courtesy of Erika Bleiberg
The Montclarion

University Director of Media Relations Erika Bleiberg gave The Montclarion insight into the official commencement speakers for the 2019 graduation ceremonies.

PSEG Chairman President and CEO Ralph Izzo will be the keynote speaker for the graduate ceremony. Montclair State alumnus, Feliciano School of Business advisory board member, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. Steel corporation Kevin P. Bradley will be the keynote speaker for the undergraduate ceremony.

Both keynote speakers will be receiving honorary degrees as part of Montclair State’s May Commencement ceremonies. Izzo will receive his honorary Doctor of Science degree at the graduate ceremony, and Bradley will receive his honorary Doctor of Letters degree at the undergraduate ceremony.

When informed on the official keynote speakers, graduating senior athletic training major Kaylia Hemmings did not seem to jump at the choices.

“I don’t know who these people are,” Hemmings said.

When asked who she would’ve preferred to see, she said the university should’ve chosen someone maybe more well-known.

Izzo began his career as a research scientist, publishing and presenting over 35 papers on magnetohydrodynamic modeling throughout his monumental career. He is also frequently asked to testify before Congress, often speaking on national energy policy to organizations.

Bradley graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Montclair State in 1984 and has since made his mark on several corporations including AT&T Capital, GE Capital, Terex Financial Services and Terex Cranes before moving to his current position at the U.S. Steel Corporation.

The graduate ceremony will take place on Tuesday, May 21, at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJ PAC) in Newark, New Jersey. The undergraduate…

Do you feel safe leaving your belongings unattended on campus? Why or why not?

By Rebecca Serviss

Business Administration


Cassidy Zaruba

“Depends on the situation. If I am in a classroom with someone I know, I will leave [my things] in there. However, if I’m by myself, I will not leave my bag because I don’t know anyone around me.”



Ashley Perri

“No [I don’t feel safe leaving my things out]. I carry a lock on me just in case I have to lock anything up, like in the Student Recreation Center, because I know a lot of people have gotten their stuff stolen.”

Child Advocacy & Policy


Tatiana Rodriguez

“I feel safe [leaving my things unattend] if I’m in a classroom, but if I’m [around] campus, [like the] cafeteria, [I wouldn’t.]”

Family Science & Human Development


Tatiana Marram

It depends on the amount of people around. If it’s in a classroom, [I would]. If I’m sitting in the library, it depends on who I’m sitting with.”