Students Get a Chance to ‘Love Their Commute’ for Valentine’s Day


All students were welcomed to sit, enjoy some candy and Munchkins while creating cards for anyone they choose whether it is for a significant other,
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Life Hall Flooded with Sewage


Sewage water flooded the first floor of Life Hall, filling the air with a foul smell. It was the same day as an audition for
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4.5 Million Dollars Set to be Approved for University Hall Facade Repairs


The board is about to approve a total of 4.5 million dollars in order to repair the outside of University Hall, according to Montclair State
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Juniors Monica Seidle and Alon Height met in Bohn Hall during their freshman year. Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion
The Montclarion

Like most college campuses, Montclair State University has given many students the opportunity to meet that special someone while giving them the space to foster those relationships. With Valentine’s Day upon us, couples share their love stories and plans for the holiday.

Family science and human development major Monica Seidle and information technology major Alon Height met while living in Bohn Hall on campus during their freshman year, despite going to the same high school. The juniors appreciate having one another to navigate their college experiences.

“We spend a lot of time together and get to study together and help each other through a lot of things,” Seidle said. “We get to go out together, stay in together if we just want to watch movies, and be there right away whenever one of us needs each other.”

The two plan to spend Valentine’s Day exchanging gifts and having dinner close to campus.

“My favorite thing about her is that she is always there for other people,” Height said. “If she sees that one of her friends is stressing, she always takes the time out of her day to help others.”

Seniors Samantha Soto and Ari Lopez Wei met through a mutual friend after Lopez Wei saw Soto in a Snapchat story during the summer of 2017 and commented. Lopez Wei, a journalism major, was shocked to get a message from an unknown number a few days after. According to the couple, the rest was history.

“My favorite thing about her though is how encouraging she is,” Lopez Wei said. “She believes in me and is always pushing me to follow my passions.”

Despite going to the…

How do you like to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day?

By Rebecca Serviss



Dara Dugan

“On Valentine’s Day, I don’t really think it’s different than any other day. I think that self-care is the most important [thing], not just [for] one day but your daily life. [I might] treat myself to chocolate and [other] things that make me happy and [that] sort of fits in with the holiday.”

Business Administration


Danielle Mason

“I think [on Valentine’s Day] I like to take time for myself or maybe hang out with friends so that we’re not all alone, and just have a girls day. I guess [we would go out] to dinner or lunch or catch a movie.”

Child Advocacy & Policy


Gissel Cruz

“[I plan to spend my Valentine’s Day] eating lots of chocolate. I [also] get myself a gift too. I don’t know [what gift] yet, [but I will] probably [get myself] a charm for my Pandora bracelet. My sister is my valentine this year so I’m buying her some chocolate [too.]. ”

Communication & Media Arts


Sandra Lavin

“[On Valentine’s Day, I’m looking forward to] finishing my classes, getting ice cream, eating some chocolate, watching Netflix like maybe a rom-com because I’m single.”