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Students Make Their Voices Heard at Annual Tuition Hearing


Montclair State University invited students to the board of trustees annual tuition hearing to address their concerns. Students proposed some possible solutions to rising fees.
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‘Passport for Sustainability’ Takes Students on a Trip to Be More Environmentally Friendly


Students walking by the Center for Environmental Life Sciences (CELS) building on Friday were greeted with more than just breezy weather and sunny skies. The
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University Installs Electric Car Charging Stations in Campus Parking Garages


Montclair State University recently announced a new implementation of electric vehicle charging stations that are now available in the Red Hawk Deck and Carpe Diem
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Paolo Punay is a senior at Montclair State University and is a BFA studio major with a concentration in painting. Through his exploration of his own culture, Punay grasps for what it means to be Filipino and uses fashion as a social statement. He spoke with The Montclarion contributing writer Soraya Mitta about his exploration of his own country’s heritage.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your thesis project entitled, ‘Balikbayan?’

A: It has to do with the effects of colonization on native Filipino populations because I feel like that history still has to be tapped into. There is a lot of potential in that subject matter because a lot of countries around the world have similar problems, so it’s something of a universal idea that can be mined for potential projects. That’s the reason why I chose it, I guess. That and it’s something that I want to learn more about because I don’t know too much about my own country.

Q: What is your personal connection to the Philippines?

A: I was born there and I lived there until I was 7 years old, because that’s when my mom immigrated to this country to become a nurse. She was already a nurse but she wanted to get a better job for her family. This thesis is a…

Why do you think on-campus media organizations are important?

By Rebecca Serviss & Jen Losos

Athletic Training


Dylan Shane

“Campus media is important to spread knowledge about events happening all around campus and keeping the community together, as a whole. There is just so much going on [around] campus, so connecting with as many students as you can keep the community together.”



Elyssa Lage

“I think that campus media is important because it brings people together and it keeps our campus unified. I feel that without [campus] media, we would be without any communication.”

Communication & Media Arts


Celine Fitzpatrick

“I think campus media is important because [it] gives a voice to the students on campus and have a way for them to communicate how they feel about the campus and important events that are going on. I think having things like the radio [station and] The Montclarion show how involved our students are on campus [and] how much they want their opinions to be heard.”



Miriam Granja

“[Campus media] helps people be more involved on campus and even people who are [involved]. They are more informed and leaned to actually go [to the events].”