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Students working on their laptops (taken Summer 2022). Photo Courtesy of Montclair State University
The Montclarion

Montclair State University administration sent an email on Wednesday, Sept. 28, announcing the priority registration privileges that many students had, including presidential scholars, are officially revoked.

According to the notice, early registration will no longer be provided to some students. This modification of the policy will allow students to have better access to the courses they need to fulfill graduation requirements.

Students are expressing mixed reactions and many believe this privilege for presidential scholars and other students should not be modified.

Andria Reber, a senior exercise science major, is angry to hear students like her will not have the opportunity to register early.

“Well I’m definitely upset because as someone who did use that every single year for signing up for classes, it did help me a lot in terms of not just getting the classes, but also the stress level,” Reber said. “I knew that there were so many people waiting literally right after lab going straight to their laptop logging in and they wouldn’t even get the class that they wanted.”

Reber further explained that having the advantage of registering for courses ahead of time made it feel like a reward.

“If you are a student for putting in the hard work so I can have an easier transition between semesters.”

Jenny Asuzano, a sophomore filmmaking major, said with the change of policy, more students will have a better…

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