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University Head Cheer Coach Jayne Shalkowski Passes Away


Montclair State University’s cheer team and the campus community are mourning the loss of head coach Jayne Shalkowski. Known to the team as “Mrs. S,”
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Recent Theft in Morehead Hall Shocks Montclair State Students


Recently this month, a theft occurred in one of the classrooms of Morehead Hall, where equipment such as laptops were stolen from the area. Some
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Students Lined Up With Excitement at SLAM’s Spring Week Casino Night


Lines of students filled up the Student Center Ballroom at Student Life at Montclair’s (SLAM) Casino Night Event this past Monday. The casino night theme
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Graduates line up to be seated as the 2019 commencement begins. Sunah Choudhry | The Montclarion Photo credit: Sunah Choudhry
The Montclarion

As family and friends lined up for the 2019 Montclair State University undergraduate ceremony on May 24, graduates rushed inside the Prudential Center and awaited to turn their tassels on to the next chapter of their lives.

President Susan Cole addressed the graduates and their families with some Montclair State related history. Along with the current graduates, a group of graduates from the class of ’69 were celebrating their 50th anniversary. In the class of ’69, 1,182 students graduated.

“This year the universities graduates will number 5,235, and you will be among that number,” President Cole said addressing the crowd of seated students.

Next who took the stage was commencement speaker, Kevin P. Bradley, who is on the advisory board for the Feliciano School of Business, is a former graduate of Montclair State and also serves as the executive vice president and chief financial officer of U.S. Steel Corporation.

“You will begin to understand that without taking risk, there can be little to no reward,” Bradley said. “You need to be thoughtful when it comes to risk management, but simply avoiding risk will severely limit your full upside potential.”

As the advice continued, Student Government Association (SGA) President Serefina Genise addressed the undergraduate class of 2019. Genise urged her classmates to recognize the foundation that Montclair State faculty has provided to them.

“Think about those who have been beside you and lifted you up and pushed you to keep you going when all you wanted to do was give up,” Genise said.

While students eagerly lined up in the halls of the arena before the commencement, they reflected on their times at Montclair State, those who helped…

Do you feel safe leaving your belongings unattended on campus? Why or why not?

By Rebecca Serviss

Business Administration


Cassidy Zaruba

“Depends on the situation. If I am in a classroom with someone I know, I will leave [my things] in there. However, if I’m by myself, I will not leave my bag because I don’t know anyone around me.”



Ashley Perri

“No [I don’t feel safe leaving my things out]. I carry a lock on me just in case I have to lock anything up, like in the Student Recreation Center, because I know a lot of people have gotten their stuff stolen.”

Child Advocacy & Policy


Tatiana Rodriguez

“I feel safe [leaving my things unattend] if I’m in a classroom, but if I’m [around] campus, [like the] cafeteria, [I wouldn’t.]”

Family Science & Human Development


Tatiana Marram

It depends on the amount of people around. If it’s in a classroom, [I would]. If I’m sitting in the library, it depends on who I’m sitting with.”