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Woebse Fights Fires Both on Campus and on the Side


Throughout her years at Montclair State University, senior public relations major Katelyn Woebse has always been involved on campus in numerous clubs. Woebse’s itinerary ranges
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“La Vita Nuova” Brings Global Pop Music Back to Life


Christine and the Queens, simply known as Chris, released her new EP, “La Vita Nuova,” on Feb. 27, 2020. Chris first emerged in the English
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Montclair State University Changes Policies While Students Petition


Optional pass/fail is instated and students will receive refunds
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Updates as of Thursday, March 26:

  • According to Ben Omuya, Director of Parking Services, the refunds were made after the university switched to online instruction. “Since parking charges are based on usage, a decision was made to issue refunds after all classes were changed to online only,” Omuya said.
  • The university has decided to refund the unused portions of housing plans, dining plans or parking permits for students.
  • Students can choose to take their refund in the form of a credit that they can apply towards their fall 2020 bill or as a direct payment.
  • For students who choose the credit option can view it on NEST when the fall 2020 bill is posted in June.
  • Students who choose to take their refund as credit will also be allowed one free course in the Summer 2020 session or the Winter 2021 session.
  • The refund will only be for the period of time students could not use their housing, dining, or parking starting from Monday, March 23 to Tuesday, May 12.
  • Students who continue to live on campus will not receive a refund.
  • Students will receive information on how to select and apply for their credit or refund no later than Friday, April 3.
  • Credits and refunds will be issued within 2 to 4 weeks.

Updates as of Wednesday, March 25: 

  • Parking Services is refunding students, faculty and staff who no longer need to park on campus.
  • Those who desire a refund must complete the top portion of the Refund Request Form and submit the form to by June 30.
  • Students who remain on campus for legitimate reasons must vacate their current housing and relocate to the Heights during their assigned time.
  • Sinatra Hall residents must check out between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Thursday, March 26.
  • Freeman Hall…

What are your plans for spring break?

By Kristoffer Fernandes

Communication Studies


Kelsey Meyer

“I’m just gonna be working pretty much everyday because my work schedule is built around my school schedule so when I’m not at school I try to work as much as I can. I think I prefer to stay at home then go on vacation, and plus I’m making money instead of spending it which is always fun.”

Communication & Media Arts


Sydney Williams

“It’s only a week long so plans are to hang out with my mom because I haven’t seen her in awhile. Go shopping with my mom and eat good food because I want to take a break from Sam’s and like chill. I don’t really have set plans because there’s not much time to go somewhere or do much.”

Computer Science


Michael Aquilino

“It’s been a pretty tough semester so far, so I’m gonna try to find time to relax and see people I don’t usually see. I’ve been looking for an internship this semester so I can be more prepared when I graduate because I’m supposed to be graduating next semester. So over spring break I have projects to work on.”



Camille Blue

“For this spring break I will be working. I own a small business “Twisted by Camille”. I took the advantage of having this long break to work on my brand, work on my business, and gain some more clientele. Instead of spending money and going away, I’m deciding to stay here and save money.”