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Students React to Recent Lockdown in Montclair High School and Middle School


A report of a student possessing a weapon forced both Montclair High School and Renaissance Middle School into emergency lockdown procedures just before Thanksgiving. Montclair
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Professor Removed After Allegedly Making Racially Charged Comments


Professor Marcie Cooperman recently reviewed for a test with her class when she made a racially charged comment during her lecture, which led to her
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And the Award Goes To: NBC’s Hallie Jackson Wins Broadcaster of the Year


Chief White House Correspondent, Hallie Jackson, recently received the Allen B. DuMont Broadcaster of the Year Award for her journalistic accomplishments; following in the footsteps
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Students on campus walk through snowy conditions following an early dismissal at 1 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 2 due to Winter Storm Ezekiel. Mackenzie Robertson | The Montclarion
The Montclarion

LAST UPDATED ON TUESDAY, DEC. 3 AT 8:10 P.M.- Exit traffic mounted and snow-covered footprints trailed throughout Montclair State University as administrators officially closed campus at 1 p.m in the afternoon on Monday, Dec. 2 following the impact of Winter Storm Ezekiel.

A total of eight motor vehicle incidents were reported to the Montclair State Police Department (PD) between 12:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 2 and 6:35 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 3 according to a written statement by Captain Kieran Barrett of the University PD.

“Any time we have a number of vehicles on campus and a snow event hits us, the risk and incident of a motor vehicle crash increases on and off campus as you can imagine,” Barrett said. “We many times see the exact same volume whether classes are in session or not.”

The motor vehicle incidents included crashes, cars stuck in snowbanks and other forms of needed assistance, according to Barrett. There were no reported injuries from any of the eight incidents.

Shannon Russell, a senior English major, believes the inconvenience following Winter Storm Ezekiel’s impact was not worth a brief school opening.

“They probably didn’t know how bad the snow at 1 p.m. with a lot of students already on campus was a bad idea, and could have caused issues similar to what we’ve experienced last year,” Russell said.

Russell continued, discussing the shuttle problems following the university’s closing.

Students stand outside of University Hall while they wait for a shuttle to take them back to their dorm rooms and cars following the university’s dismissal at 1 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 2.
Mackenzie Robertson |…

What are your concerns about parking on campus?

By Annabel Reyes

Classics & General Humanities


Jordon Gleniewicz

“My general concerns with parking on campus is that there are not enough spaces for all the students here at Montclair [State University.] We have the Red Hawk Deck, which just gets constantly full. It’s nine in the morning and people are barely making it to class on time or late to their classes. Commuters outweigh the resident population, and if you focus on being a [commuter] school then make parking available for all the students that commute.”

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Emily Ridgeway

“I find it frustrating that I have to park in the [New Jersey] Transit parking garage and not next to my building or on the surface lots. I do understand that commuters need those spaces because the school is 75% commuters, but it’s very difficult to get to my car when I need it [quickly] and when it’s cold out. There are shuttles, but sometimes I am out very late [and] they’re not running anymore.”



Ana Nabarro

“I make it a thing to come early because I know I’ll find parking. I don’t have to struggle with that, but I feel for people who work and are tight on time like that it’s complicated. In some places, there are plates that detect when there’s a car [in a parking space.] We should have an app like that.”



Nick Dicarlo

“I have classes at 10 a.m. so I have to show up around 9 a.m. just to get a spot at CarParc [Diem] on the roof. The next [closest] one besides the other two commuter lots always fill up fast [and] are across railroad tracks and take forever to walk [to] so they should have more commuter lots. I feel like they’re kind of punishing commuters.”