World Students’ Day Brings Success to a Budding Campus Organization


Justice for Education holds free raffle events in Student Center
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Beauty at the Cost of No Animals


Cruelty-Free Beauty Soiree returned to Rathskeller for beauty, food and animal awareness
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Enterprise Rent-a-Car Rides Up to Business School


Enterprise Rent-A-Car company took a pit stop on Montclair State University’s campus to educate business majors on personal branding, networking and possible internships. The company’s
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Montclair State's IT Department is where Samuel LaSala worked before he resigned due to child pornography sentence. Olivia Kearns | The Montclarion
The Montclarion

Samuel LaSala, a former Montclair State University Information Technology (IT) department member, is set to be sentenced in January of 2019 for child pornography.

According to the United States Attorney’s office, LaSala had a laptop that contained videos of child sexual abuse. He shared these videos with others over the internet, making the videos available to download using an online peer-to-peer file sharing network.

LaSala admitted that he had over 100 videos on his laptop depicting child sex acts, and he was in possession of those videos between May 2017 and January 2018.

Pleading guilty to the distribution of these videos guarantees LaSala a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison or a minimum five years as well as a fine of $250,000.

On May 23, Montclair State was informed by LaSala that he was being investigated by the United States Department of Homeland Security for distribution of child pornography.

“The university suspended Mr. LaSala, cooperated fully with the Department of Homeland Security investigation, and simultaneously commenced its own parallel forensic investigation of university equipment to which Mr. LaSala had access,” said Director of Media Relations, Communications and Marketing Erika Bleiberg.

No pornographic imagery was found on the campus computers, since LaSala used his own…

Do you believe the LGBTQ Center is providing enough outreach to the Montclair State community?

By Corinne Appel



Angie Appouh

“I did not know there was a [LGBTQ] center, so I am going to say no. I think they should advertise more that there is a center for people in that LGBTQ+ family so they can go there and feel safe.”

Exercise Science


Salomon Jolimere

“I don’t know too much about the LGBTQ+ center on campus. I know on Coming Out Day a few days ago they had a lot going on for the community. They had a drag showing going on in the ballrooms, and they just have resources and different ways for people who are in LGBTQ+ family to not feel left out like they usually do on a daily basis.”

Business Marketing


Nasei Duah

“Yes I believe they are doing a great job implementing the necessary resources to help students in their endeavors. They make them feel very comfortable. If you are a resident, the RAs make sure to represent [the] LGBTQ community with bulletin boards and flyers to make people more aware. I feel they do a really good job.”

Public Health

Natalie Strucinski

“I do not know anyone that’s used the services. I’m not part of the LGBTQ community so I don’t personally know. I’m in the public health graduate program now so I’ve heard good things from other people. It’s a nice place to go if you do need resources. It’s a nice option for people to go somewhere when they need that community feeling.”