Keeping Up With the SGA: Treasurer, Crest and More


A search for a new treasurer, new crest and more.
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Unofficial Midterm Election Results are in from Machuga Heights


The 2018 midterm elections proved to be one of the most engaging elections in midterm history. Roughly 113 million people around the country voted, making
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Measles Finds its Way to Lakewood, NJ


Montclair State University students are being warned to keep an eye on symptoms of measles if they have recently been to Lakewood.
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Students and other drivers around the Montclair State University community faced a major traffic jam, lasting more than three hours, due to inclement snowfall Thursday night.

A weather report from, published on Tuesday, predicted 2 to 4 inches of snow for parts of New Jersey. However, according to the current forecast, snowfall could increase to 8 inches.

Some students on campus were stuck in traffic for 3 hours, trapped on roads like Normal Avenue all the way to Route 46. Freshman biology major Stephanie Barraza left campus after class, but was stuck on Clove Road after sitting in traffic for over 3 hours.

“To have a big car, wasn’t as bad as other people’s,” Barraza said. “People in smaller cars, I feel bad for them. Since I’m in an okay car, it’s fine.”

Barraza believes that the university did not prepare enough for the weather and this resulted in inconvenient conditions.

“I feel like they weren’t prepared…

What are your thoughts on the study rooms and spaces on campus?

By Sunah Choudhry



Linda Nenonene

“When I am sitting, I would like some privacy. I think if you are truly in a very solid study mode, it doesn’t really matter. I could study in [Au Bon Pain] and there will be people talking, but if I am really aiming to study then you don’t really need a room with no windows. I pretty much study anywhere but a desk space.”

Fashion Studies


Carmen Guthrie

“The library is good for relaxing. You can go there and there is not too much noise. I get caught up with watching everybody else around me so I need a clear headspace. I do believe we do need more [study spaces] on campus because there are a lot of visual people and people that have a hard time with test scores or their tests in general.”

Exercise Science


Robert Banaag

“Yes, I use the [study spaces] but not as much as I’d hope to. I use the spaces pretty rarely, but I do hope to use the spaces more. I have other priorities, like working, and I am only here Tuesdays and Thursdays. I do feel having more study spaces on campus would definitely promote studying more. I think that would be a great idea for the university.”



Ana Guzman

“I actually go [to the] library every Monday and Wednesday downstairs in the media department. I work for Jumpstart so I do session plans with my team in there. The walls are pretty soundproof and I can’t hear anything in the next room, so that is pretty cool. I feel like it depends on who you are.”