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Nobody Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring In ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana’

by Tiffany Echeverria

Bad Bunny has just released his seventh album, entitled “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana.” This is a 22 track album, featuring collaborations with artists such as Arcángel, Bryant Myers, De La Ghetto, Eladio Carrión, Young Miko and Ferxxo. The one hour and 21 minutes worth of music has been produced by, Tainy, MAG and La Paciencia and others. Bad Bunny hosted a listening party at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. Benito not only had his collaborators from the album present but the artist himself was also there to share this moment with his fans.

“NADIE SABE” is the first track and it begins with a sweet symphony. This track is the longest on the album. In this track, Bad Bunny expresses his fortune and struggles alongside his fame. He uses this moment to critique social judgments and sings about genuine connections and the impact he has had on the world. He makes sure to remind everyone that no one can predict the future and tells all of his fans who are listening to live in the moment and be true to themselves.

“MONACO,” the second track, begins with elegant violin and piano melodies, before becoming infused with Bunny’s hard trap. This is proper Bad Bunny fashion and while doing so, he begins to chant how there is no competition when it comes to being him.

Photo courtesy of RIMAS

Benito goes back to his trap foundations while also including his new futuristic sounds that are an alternate of his 2023 reality. Photo courtesy of RIMAS

The following tracks like “FINA,” “HIBIKI,” “MR. OCTOBER,” “CYBERTRUCK,” “VOU 787” and “SEDA” feature collaborations with Young Miko and Mora and bring Benito back to his trap foundations while also including his new futuristic sounds that are an alternative to his 2023 reality.

“SEDA,” the eighth track of the album, has Bad Bunny in collaboration with Bryant Myers. These two created a slow paced trap song. This song reminds fans who have followed Benito since 2017 why he is a household name. The song starts off with a robotic vocal by Myers who introduces Benito with “dímelo conejo.” Benito then jumps on the verse with Myers about staying with a girl who has turned their worlds upside down.

“GRACIAS POR NADA” is the ninth track and Benito is singing his usual anthem about heartbreak. This is one of the album’s most sentimental songs.

Photo courtesy of RIMAS

Benito makes it clear in these tracks that he wishes you the best. Photo courtesy of RIMAS

Tracks like “TELEFONO NUEVO,” “BABY NUEVA,” “MERCEDES CAROTA,” “LOS PITS,” “VUELVE CANDY B” and “BATICANO” all have one thing in common. They all express how there is no way they can ever recover from being with someone like Bad Bunny. Benito makes it clear in these tracks that he wishes you the best. Even though the best is him. He also likes to repeat multiple times that once you are out of his inner circle there is no going back. For example, the final blow in “BABY NUEVA” is “Not even my mother loves you anymore.”

“NO ME QUIERO CASAR” is the sixteenth track on the album. Here, Benito prefers to stay solo. He also refers to the title of the album, and his state of mind towards the end of the track saying, “I don’t know what’s going to happen, I feel sad, but it will pass.”

“WHERE SHE GOES” and “THUNDER Y LIGHTNING” are tracks seventeen and eighteen. Track seventeen was released earlier in the year of 2023 and was a certified club banger. “WHERE SHE GOES” is a sensual song about chasing that person you crave for. Track eighteen is a collaboration with Eladio Carrión. It introduces a relentless drill beat filled with sinister flair. The power that Carrión and Benito bring to the track is powerful. From the verses not only underline their dominance but also show the Latin music scene how they run the trap world.

Photo courtesy of RIMAS

The reggaet├│n gem will definitely keep you moving. Photo courtesy of RIMAS

“PERRO NEGRO” being the nineteenth track was the most anticipated track. This track has artist Ferxxo who brings a vibrant urbano culture. Their voices bring a comforting emotion to the album. The song encapsulates the spirit of the essence of the city of Medellín in Colombia. The song “PERRO NEGRO” takes after a club name in Colombia. The reggaetón gem will definitely keep you moving.

Tracks “EUROPA :(,” “ACHO PR” and “UN PREVIEW” close out the album. “EUROPA :(“ is an 11-second interlude that serves as the perfect intro to “ACHO PR,” a very prideful song about representing Puerto Rico and being Puertorriqueño. This album offers an opportunity to step into Latin culture and experience new standards for pop music. These 22 tracks are a celebration of the artist who reminds us that nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.

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