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Not a Beat Missed in Spring Dance 2023

by Anika Morris

Last weekend, the Spring Dance of 2023 was held in Memorial Auditorium to showcase the Montclair State University Department of Theatre and Dance’s work throughout the semester. The event was energetic, full of life and captivating, and the technology used to make the production happen was out of this world. The lights shimmered and glared with a hint of brightness that brought out the presence of the stage.

The show started off with “Ghost.” The students’ dance for this made the auditorium look like a whole new world. But the best part of “Ghost” was the lights, which were so mesmerizing along with the rest of the technology. It showed dance can come to life with all that was being shown on stage. Even after the performance was done, the audience was still engaged; everyone was on their feet applauding and cheering as the show continued to the next act.

Just from the first number, it was clear the students put a lot of time and effort into the performances. It paid off with every dance being flawless and each performer really showing off their skills. The dancers showed how working hard can make a big impact – no one missed a beat.

Senior dance major Madison Lewis, a performer in the show, said everyone worked very hard for this production.

“It took all semester,” Lewis said. “I have been dancing my whole life since I was four. Doing something like this was amazing.”

In addition to the dances themselves, the costumes were very memorable, too. When the dancers came on stage, it created a uniform look, making the numbers even prettier and more fun to see the clothes flowing around them while they moved. Depending on the specific performance, some dancers were in varied tops and skirts while some wore pants. For example, a few dancers had blue outfits consisting of flowing skirts matched with a tank top while others wore baggy pants and polo shirts in numbers like “Paloma Querida” and “And Still, They Move.”

Along with “And Still, They Move” and “Paloma Querida,” the next part of the night included “Caught in the Rapture ll,” “Fickle,” Toi” and “Electric City.” A highlight was “And Still, They Move,” again, due to the lights and costumes. The students showcased a freeing dance in this number, and it was almost like being in another universe.

Senior anthropology major Na’Dree Stewart shared his thoughts on his favorite part, “Catch in the Rapture II.”

“It was so liberating,” Stewart said. “I like how the performance [had] the light that matches together with dancers and the crowd. [The] highlight of the dance was the light and the movement.”

Junior dance major Deovionn Gaynor, another performer in the Spring Dance, spoke on how it felt to be a part of the production.

“Performing the acts was my favorite,” Gaynor said. “[One of our] choreographer[s], Christian von Howard, made this production possible with his multiple ways of directing the whole [entire] production. He is truly amazing.”

All those involved without a doubt put a lot of effort into the Spring Dance of 2023, just enjoying themselves as they put on a show the audience could enjoy, too. Even once it was over, it seemed like nobody wanted to leave. I mean, who would?

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