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‘The Floor is M.I.L.F.’ Is Beyond Laughter

by Anika Morris

If you missed “The Floor is M.I.L.F.” on April 15, you’ve missed out on one of the best and funniest improv shows of the semester.

The room was filled with fun and laughter, and the crowd was excited with everyone seemingly pumped even by the first minute. Emotions were roaring as the show started off with the whole crew dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September,” a great way to kick off the event.

Photo courtesy of Jared Tauber

The members of M.I.L.F. showed dedication to making the audience laugh throughout each performance.
Photo courtesy of Jared Tauber

As the show went on, the Montclair Improv League and Friends (M.I.L.F.) cast did an amazing job engaging with the audience. Everyone was laughing, smiling, dancing and singing as the members participated in different skits with characters and dialogue they created right then and there.

Senior theatre studies major Maggie Aube has been a part of M.I.L.F. for four years now. She loves the feeling that comes with performing.

“I have been in M.I.L.F. since my freshman year,” Aube said. “It was such an incredible feeling performing. I took a small hiatus from M.I.L.F. to direct a show, and I truly missed the energy of coming up with something on the spot with your scene partner and creating something that people can have fun and laugh at.”

Photo courtesy of Jared Tauber

Maggie Aube has been a part of M.I.L.F. since her freshman year.
Photo courtesy of Jared Tauber

The first segment of the night was “Dating Game,” where four members acted out a game show about an Olympic runner looking for love. Three of the members, who acted as contestants, were given a person, an object and an emotion to imitate.

In another game called “Doo-Wop,” the cast invited an audience member to come up so they could sing to them. At the end, the audience member was given Oreos as a prize.

Photo courtesy of Jared Tauber

The cast sings to an audience member in "Doo-Wop."
Photo courtesy of Jared Tauber

But my favorite skit had to be “It’s Your Funeral.” It combined everything you can think of in the music industry: a stalker, a record producer, an intern and a hater. Each M.I.L.F. member played the parts very well.

Junior film and television major Daniel Amorim said the performance was “a joy to be a part of.” He enjoyed this game in particular, too.

“'[It’s Your Funeral]’ is such a fun game because it [is] so over the top and everyone gets into it,” Amorim said. “It’s a crowd favorite.”

Photo courtesy of Jared Tauber

Daniel Amorim acts in "It's Your Funeral."
Photo courtesy of Jared Tauber

With these impromptu skits, it was easy to see that the M.I.L.F. members spent six weeks prepping, as each part was acted perfectly. The members of M.I.L.F. showed dedication to making the audience laugh throughout each performance. The games made everyone cheer the entire night; it was an experience impossible to turn away from because each skit had a unique take. There was never a dull moment, not only for the audience, but for the actors too.

For junior political science major Julian Adams, what made the event so special was bonding with the cast.

“My favorite part of M.I.L.F. is definitely the friends you make during the process,” Adams said. “Everyone in the cast is amazing, and I think the bonding makes the show so much better as we are all comfortable working with each other and taking risks.”

Senior family science and human development major Emily Amadeo feels similarly.

“M.I.L.F. has introduced me to such a hilarious, supportive and overall just awesome group of people,” Amadeo said. “I get such a rush performing especially when it is alongside people who are as incredible as the people in M.I.L.F. Being able to perform for my friends and family in my last show was so memorable, and overall I cannot even emphasize enough how being a part M.I.L.F. has changed my life for the better. I would not trade the experience for anything.”

I agree, I wouldn’t trade anything for my Saturday night being in a room filled with fun, laughter, doo-wop and improv, all provided by “The Floor is M.I.L.F.,” one of the most exciting performances of the year.

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