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WMSC Celebrates 51st Anniversary with 51-Hour Marathon

by CamayakArchive

Montclair State University’s radio station WMSC celebrated their 51st anniversary with 51 hours of continuous content, featuring 23 different programs and was hosted by various student and alumni DJs.

The marathon kicked off at 8 a.m. on Monday morning with a live broadcast of “The Morning Buzz” talk show live from the Red Hawk Diner and concluded at 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

Assistant News Director Hiral Patel spoke about the challenges associated with working in the anniversary special.

“It is a lot of excitement and hyperactivity,” Patel said. “It’s tiring and a lot of work but worth it.”

On Monday morning, the WMSC staff also planned a two-on-two basketball game. Senior Sports Director Sean McChesney and Sports Director Sam Flesher played against Station Manager Mike Stringham and Music Director Austin Resnick.

News Director Kate Braunstein thought the play by play commentary by WMSC Sports Radio Hosts Nick Flaherty and Sean Martin was hysterical.

“I want to send the audio to everyone so they can hear how funny our broadcasters are,” Braunstein said.

Music Director Austin Resnick warms up before the two-on-two game.
Lucia Rubi Godoy | The Montclarion

Assistant Production Director Amanda Siess spoke about how exciting it has been to participate in the 51st anniversary.

“It’s 51 hours of unique content,” Siess said. “We’re able to showcase stuff on air that we’re not usually able to. It’s a great opportunity.”

Sophomore political science major Stephen Rumbolo works on his political radio talk show, “Sons of Liberty.”
Therese Sheridan | The Montclarion

McChesney wanted to shout out Program Director Mike Grippa and Stringham for scheduling two days worth of nonstop live broadcasts, programs and DJs to fill every slot during the marathon’s time span. He mentioned how the anniversary has been a big deal throughout the years and encourages more students to be involved with the campus radio station.

“Being around for 51 years is a big deal, and I’m sure we’ve got at least another 51 years ahead of us,” McChesney said.


The staff of WMSC all agreed it was collaborative effort.

“I was lucky enough to have a great team of directors and members to ensure this marathon ran smoothly,” Stringham said. “Our program director, Mike Grippa and General Manager, Anabella Poland orchestrated this marathon to perfection.”

Braunstein wanted to underscore how immensely helpful General Manager Anabella Poland has been.

“She gives us things we don’t think of,” Braunstein said. “When she thinks we can go the extra mile, she pushes us there and says, ‘I want you to try this,’ and then when we try it, we’re like, ‘Oh, I can do that.'”

Poland could not be prouder of her staff.

“I am particularly proud of the WMSC Student Management Team for understanding what goes into a live programming special and delivering the goods,” Poland said. “It is easy to dream big. The real job is getting it done, and they did it.”


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