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How Do Students Dress For Montclair State’s Weather Conditions?

by Crystal Durham

When beginning your journey as a student at Montclair State University, you can face many challenges. Montclair State is known for its campus architecture and beautiful skylines but no one tells you about the ever-changing weather conditions.

One morning you can find yourself traveling through the snow to class and the next day the sun comes out like nothing ever happened. Many forget that the campus is built on top of a mountain, causing all weather conditions to hit 10 times worse. This causes many students to be perplexed by the idea of what to wear to class.

In 2022, many individuals want to stay on top of fashion trends and keep their style fresh. Still, the question remains: How can students dress for Montclair State’s crazy weather conditions?

Many are still trying to find ways that were suited best for them. While dormers have the luxury to go back and change their clothes if the weather doesn’t suit their look for the day, commuters are somewhat stuck.

Mike Miller, a commuter majoring in physical education, laughed because he can attest to that “stuck” feeling.

“Honestly, [the weather is] a toss-up,” Miller said. “[I have to] have an extra shirt with me [and I have] a big puffer jacket in my car and [I] just go from there honestly.”

Mike Miller coordinates his Phillies baseball cap and Air Jordan 1's to make sure they match. Photo courtesy of Jajone Cuff

Mike Miller coordinates his Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap and Air Jordan 1’s to make sure they match.
Jajone Cuff | The Montclarion



When first looking at Miller’s outfit, his Muhammad Ali sweatshirt immediately stands out. His pairing of the infamous cargo pants and his red Philadelphia Phillies hat matched perfectly with his Air Jordan 1’s. His outfit gave an old-school feel as he carried himself with confidence.

Miller said he also loves styling his outfits for his music taste.

“I love 90s and 2000s rock music and going thrifting,” Miller said. “Eminem, Tupac and Biggie. Seeing their style inspired me to dress like them.”

Miller isn’t the only one who loves using his inspiration heavily in his style. Narendra Singh, a sophomore television and digital media major, is inspired by fashion icons who have an obvious impact on his style and how he carries himself.

“The majority of this outfit is thrifted. A lot of neutral tones,” Singh said. “This guy I follow on Instagram is a fashion model in Paris and pretty much all his outfits are neutral tones. I try to go for the London and Paris look or the City of Manhattan look.”

Image of Narendra Singh, courtesy of Jajone Cuff

Narendra Singh enjoys thrifting to style his outfits.
Jajone Cuff | The Montclarion

On this particular day, the weather on campus was bearable without a coat. But, it was interesting to see how students take on some of the coldest temperatures at Montclair State.

Davin Budich, a sophomore psychology major, is a fan of layers.

“At this point, I have to layer every outfit I wear,” Budich said. “When it gets more towards spring I can just wear a jacket, but [layering is] what I go for these days.”

Image of Davin Vudich, coustesy of Jajone Cuff

Davin Budich rocks his Tyler, The Creator letterman jacket and a tote bag while on campus.
Jajone Cuff | The Montclarion

Budich’s style seemed a little too familiar. After I pointed out his Tyler, The Creator varsity jacket, he got excited.

“90% of my outfits are inspired by Tyler, The Creator,” Vudich said. “This is the jacket from his brand and he is a huge style inspiration.”

Sara Sines, a junior dance major, has found different techniques for taking on the weather conditions.

“Lots of layers honestly, like hoodies and coats, since it’s so cold.” Sines said.

Sines’ style icon is Emma Chamberlain and it’s evident within her outfit on this particular day.

Image of Sarah Sines, courtesy of Jajone cuff

Sara Sines takes reference from Emma Chamberlain in her easy, casual style.
Jajone Cuff | The Montclarion

As you walk around campus, it is inspiring to see young individuals tap into their style. Oftentimes when becoming a full-time college student, many get stuck rotating the same hoodie and sweatpants. While other students, like Miller, Sines, Budich and Singh, see their style as a big part of who they are.

Our style is what makes us unique, what helps us find ourselves and ultimately sets the tone for our day to come. While dealing with these weather conditions may be a challenge, it only helps students find more ways to stay stylish under such fickle circumstances.

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