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Saxbys Coffee: The New One-Stop Shop for Coffee and Grilled Cheese

by Sal DiMaggio

Montclair State University recently incorporated a new addition to its dining options. Students welcomed Saxbys Coffee on April 2, and it has been the talk of the town since then. With wait time nearing two hours some days, it is safe to say that the student-run cafe has been popular with students.

Saxbys specializes in two main areas: coffee and grilled cheese. Let us start with the coffee and the rest of the drink options.

The coffee is not overly bitter, which I enjoyed, but was by no means weak. There are options for a dark roast or a light roast, as well as a cold brew and a cafe au lait. Prices are very reasonable, with a large hot coffee costing $3.25.

In addition to the regular coffee option, Saxbys also serves espresso, matcha, teas and energy drinks.

When it comes to food, Saxbys has a variety of breakfast options, including a breakfast grilled cheese and a breakfast burrito. Overall, the quality of these breakfast foods is better than what students have come to expect from dining on campus. The eggs in the burrito and breakfast grilled cheese are seasoned well, and Saxbys uses a garlic cheddar spread on their bread that pairs well with the eggs. The portion sizes are fairly large as well.

Of course, you cannot talk about Saxbys without talking about grilled cheese. Saxbys provides a variety of options when it comes to this classic sandwich, from the original grilled cheese to add-on options ranging from bacon, greens, steak and even pickles.

Much like the breakfast grilled cheese, the lunch sandwiches are solid. With three cheeses, what is not to like (lactose intolerant people excluded)? The add-ons elevate the sandwich, and the pickle grilled cheese is on my must-try list.

Smoothies are also another main option for students to choose from. Saxbys offers four varieties, ranging from Vacay All Day (a smoothie with mango, pineapple juice and strawberry puree) to Green Goals (spinach, mango, banana and pineapple juice).

Affordability is a huge plus for Saxbys. In addition to its regular menu pricing, which is reasonable on its own, Saxbys offers a separate menu that is dedicated to allowing students to use their block swipes. Students can either get a smoothie for one block, or a sandwich or bakery item and a small drink. This makes it easy for students who rely on their meal plans to order and afford food.

Customer service also plays a large part in how Saxbys operates. The cafe is entirely student-managed and student-employed, meaning your peers are your baristas.

The biggest problem with Saxbys is the wait times. As mentioned earlier, students can wait for up to two hours for their order. I would recommend ordering during class so that your cold brew is waiting for you when you get out. Another issue that students may face is that Saxbys does not accept cash — only meal plans and debit and credit cards.

Located on the bottom floor of the Feliciano School of Business, Saxbys has a spacious indoor seating area, as well as seats outside with a view of Montclair State University Soccer Park. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Fridays.

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