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The 2023 Guide to Halloween Costumes

by Claudia Martillo

Are you tired of trying to think of original costume ideas? Frustrated at showing up to the party and someone else has copied your costume? Do not worry! I have got you covered. These costumes are unique and stand out. All my bases are covered, I have costumes for cinephiles, couples (of multiple sexual orientations), it girls, groups, trendsetters, wordplay fiends and more!

Individual Costumes

Barbie: I know what you’re thinking, Barbie is going to be super popular. While I agree, it will be popular for a reason! How fun will it be to say, “Hi Barbie,” when you spot another fellow Barbie? But if you want to make it a bit more original, go for Barbie’s first look from 1959 featured in the film’s opening scene. She wears a black and white striped bathing suit with white cat-eye sunglasses. Add some extra details with gold hoops, red lipstick and some blue eyeshadow.

Alien Superstar: For my Beyonce lovers! Beyonce’s latest album “Alien Superstar” has taken the internet by storm and concert-goers are emulating the album’s theme in their outfits. Many fans wear metallic and silver clothing and jewelry to look out of this world. I would suggest one of two kinds of ideas for this, recreating one of Beyonce’s concert outfits or becoming the actual alien superstar. To do this, go for an all-silver and metallic outfit (chrome skirt or pants, metallic jeweled tops) with big silver sunglasses. To get the alien look, add some silver alien antennas.

Gold Diggers: This costume can be fun and creative while also not requiring a whole lot. All you need is a miner’s hat and a gold shovel. For the base of the outfit, go for a fancy look, gold/glittery pants or skirt, a white or black top, the most extravagant chunky gold jewelry, a purse (bonus points for a fake designer one), and some heels or dress shoes. This costume can be so versatile and works for all gender identities.

Chef’s Kiss: This costume is great for all gender identities, just switch the foundation of the outfit. For a more feminine look, go for a red dress or red top and red skirt, red lipstick, red heels, and a red purse. For a more masculine look, go for a red button-up shirt, black dress pants and red or black dress shoes. For the chef details, add a white apron, a classic white chef’s hat and a wooden spoon. To go the extra mile, get someone to put some lipstick kisses on your cheek or draw them on yourself.


Jebediah and Octavius: This pair is incredibly underrated and sure to bring some laughs. This can easily be done with either friends or as a couple. For Jebediah’s outfit, you will need a blue button-up shirt, brown jeans, a tan leather vest, a red bandana tied around the neck, a brown cowboy hat and some cowboy boots. For Octavius, you might be better off finding a costume replica online or in stores but to simply the outfit, you can use a red skirt, gold corset/armor, a red cape, a knight helmet with red feathers and gladiator sandals.

Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales: One of the easiest duo costumes that works for friends or as a couple. For both characters, replica costumes are available online on Amazon, Party City, or Walmart.

“Men in Black”: A tried and true duo costume. You will need black dress pants, a white button-up shirt, a black tie, a black suit jacket, black sunglasses, ID badges, and a prop black neutralizer. To go the extra mile, get a green alien toy to carry.

“But I’m A Cheerleader”: This iconic and underrated film has some of the most amazing costume designs and I am shocked that more people do not wear them for Halloween. There are two duos you can recreate, Megan and Graham, or one of the generic boy-girl pairings. For this, you will need a pink button-up shirt, a pink skirt, and pink or white Mary Janes. For the masculine outfit, you will need a blue button-up shirt, a blue tie, blue shorts, and black dress shoes.


“Sleepover at Sikowitz’s”: This absolutely iconic and hilarious episode of “Victorious” has amazing costume potential. This fits a group of six people and will guarantee some laughs. Tori plays a police officer obsessed with Raisin Bran, Cat plays a 1980s stand-up comedian, Jade plays Betsy-Sue, a sweet farm girl from Alabama, Robbie plays a motivational speaker with jelly legs, Andre plays a pregnant marathon runner and Beck plays Malcolm Winchester Figglesworth, a British person who invades people’s personal space.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies”: This group of five costumes will be understood by a niche audience but a funny crowd nonetheless. These costumes are simply to replicate with everyday clothes and the addition of fake blood and glow stick necklaces.

Boygenius: For the sad and queer music lovers, this trio costume is made for you. Though this may not be understood by all, the ones who get it, truly get it. For this costume, go for their classic look of black dress pants, white button-ups, black ties, a gray button vest for Phoebe Bridger’s look, and the essential pair of Dr. Martens boots.

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