Charging Stations and Outlets Are on a Decline


Published April 20, 2023
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The Montclarion
University Hall first floor. Eric Rosier | The Montclarion

Students have reported issues with the charging stations on campus. They rely heavily on their devices for academic work and a lack of access to functional charging stations can hinder their academic progress and negatively impact their learning experience.

Some students, like Nicholas Complitano, expressed frustration with non-functional outlets.

Complitano, a freshman justice studies major, reported a mixed experience with the availability and functionality of charging stations on campus.

“The charging stations in the study rooms are really good,” Complitano said. “But in the actual lecture room, they don’t work at all.”

Nicholas Complitanto has mixed feelings about charging stations on campus.

Nicholas Complitanto has mixed feelings about charging stations on campus.
Eric Rosier | The Montclarion

While he noted that the charging stations in study rooms are functional, he encountered issues with outlets in University Hall and lecture rooms. Specifically, Complitano was unable to locate any outlets in the hallway of University Hall, and the outlets in the lecture rooms were non-functional.

Mario Iannelli, a freshman business administration major with a concentration in marketing, echoed similar concerns regarding the functionality of charging options on campus.

“The ones in the hallway work well, but they don’t work at all in the classrooms and this is a problem because my devices aren’t always charged,” Ianelli said.

Mario Iannelli said outlets in classrooms do not work well.

Mario Iannelli said outlets in classrooms do not work well.
Eric Rosier | The Montclarion

Nora Khatami, a sophomore psychology major, said the SGA charging stations are usually broken.

“Majority of the chargers in the building are broken, and there’s nothing we can really do about it,” Khatami said. “The outlets work, but the charging stations that come with phone chargers, I’d only say five percent work.”

Nora Khatami has experienced the faulty charging stations.

Nora Khatami has experienced the faulty charging stations.
Eric Rosier | The Montclarion

Adam Oumar, a sophomore computer science major, also had an encounter with a faulty charging station.

“I know in University Hall that at 10:30 the charging was a little bit off and it stopped working for a few days,” Oumar said.

Cassandra Wickowski, a freshman medical humanities major, had a similar experience.

“I haven’t had issues with charging [stations], but the problems are usually in the [classroom outlets],” Wickowski said.

University spokesperson Andrew Mees said that there was nothing that the university could do about the faulty charging stations, as they are the responsibility of the SGA, but also that all other faulty outlets should be reported.

“In terms of the outlets in facilities maintained by the University, we are able to fix outlets when we know they are not functioning appropriately,” Mees said. “We ask that when students, faculty or staff encounter plugs or outlets that are not working to please report this to University Facilities via our work order process at [this link]:

Despite the concerns raised by, others were unaware of the malfunctioning charging stations at Montclair State. Ricky Clark, a sophomore history major, is one of them.

“I heard that outlets and the charging [stations] aren’t working that well, but I’ve only used it once and it worked,” Clark said.


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