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Halal Options Are Introduced at The Pizzeria

by Aliza Rhein

Montclair State University dining services announced changes to many of the dining facilities and menus on campus for the spring semester.

Dining services has brought back sandwiches (True Burger), added low-fat yogurt bowls (Smoothie Lab) and more Halal options (The Pizzeria) due to popular demand and request. Venture Cafe is now offering a new vegetarian pizza, as well as another type of sandwich. Similarly, the Student Center store has added new varieties of their popular sandwiches, as well as changed hours of operation. Many of these new changes are available for a limited time only.

Some students, don’t think this is enough. Danielle Conti, freshman animation major, still finds the dining options a struggle.

“There definitely needs to be more food options,” Conti said. “Especially on the weekends because I’ve had friends visit me on the weekends, and we can’t go to dining halls because they don’t have meal plans. I think we had Jersey Mike’s like two days in a row because nothing else. There was nothing else open. So I definitely think if not get more places than at least change the hours to better because the hours are pretty ridiculous.”

Lexi Dicicco, freshman business marketing major, is still upset by the lack of food options.

“I get the same thing at Freeman I always just get like the grilled chicken and like that’s honestly like it’s not even good but it’s the only thing that I can have,” Dicicco said. “I just wish they had more options and especially for people that are vegan and for people that are living in dorms, you know like they have no choice but to eat here.”

Rosanna Hefter, a freshman nursing major, also believes the school needs to do more.

“I do not like the food at all,” Hefter said.” The school could do better.”

All three students felt like the Student Center dining area should be open for longer.

“I feel like a lot of people choose the Student Center over the dining halls just because they’re more used to that kind of cuisine,” Hefter said. “It should be open longer than they have it.”

Pinion faces the same issue.

“At night there’s not that many dining options besides Bistro, and I don’t like that kind of food,” Pinion said. “They need more options for people.”

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