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Scholarship Universe: What Is It and Who Can Use It?

by Emma Shaw

The website ScholarshipUniverse is an application portal that helps students find scholarships by simply creating a profile. In September 2023, it officially became available for students at Montclair State University.

According to ScholarshipUniverse, all that students must do is answer questions that will help them create a profile, and they will be matched to various scholarships.

All students can use the platform as long as they have committed to Montclair State.

ScholarshipUniverse says that students are allowed to apply for as many scholarships as they want free of charge. The website also checks each listed scholarship to ensure that there are no fraudulent listings.

This is one small step toward the future, but not the final destination, the university claimed.

In a press release, Wendy Lin-Cook, vice president for enrollment management, expanded on the intentions behind the partnership.

“ScholarshipUniverse is just one element of our broader institutional scholarship strategy,” Lin-Cook said. “In the past year, we’ve made substantial increases in both need-based and merit-based financial aid to support our students.”

Students are very excited about the prospect of this opportunity.

Freshman visual communication design major Aldo Baltazar explained why he believes this is an important opportunity for students.

Aldo Baltazar Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

Aldo Baltazar, a freshman visual communication design major believes ScholarshipUniverse is an important opportunity for students. Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

“Scholarships will really help us be in school and study more,” Baltazar said.

Other students also expressed their feelings of excitement.

Newal Rai, a junior sustainability science major, shares what he believes he would want to use the scholarships for.

Newal Rai Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

Newal Rai, a junior sustainability science major claims he would use scholarships for tuition purposes. Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

“I would definitely put it toward tuition,” Rai said. “I’m a transfer student, so I really need a lot of scholarships.”

Other students weighed in on why other scholarship websites can be difficult to navigate.

When asked about why other scholarships can be hard to find, Kate Miller, a freshman theater studies major, gave her insight.

Kate Miller Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

Kate Miller, a freshman theater studies major finds scholarship qualifications to be difficult. Karsten Englander | The Montclarion

“It can be difficult based on the qualifications,” Miller said. “You have to go through everything.”

Montclair State expects the partnership to be successful.

“At Montclair, we understand that the cost of higher education is rising, and we’re committed to doing our part in supporting our students,” Lin-Cook said. “ScholarshipUniverse is a fantastic scholarship platform that our university provides for free to both our current Montclair State University students and incoming students who have already committed [to Montclair State].”

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