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The Winners of the SGA Election Have Been Announced

by Meagan Kane

The executive board for the Montclair State University Student Government Association (SGA) has been announced for the 2023-2024 administration.

The winners are Richard Steiner-Otoo, executive president, who held the position the prior academic year, Mikayla Houston, executive vice president and Krisha Rana, executive secretary.

The two-day voting process allowed students to pick who they thought was best fit for the three positions.

This year, 1,023 students voted. The breakdown consists of 65% residential students, 35% commuter students, 709 females and 312 males, 229 freshmen, 246 sophomores, 294 juniors and 254 seniors.

Although it’s only been a few days into their term, the board is ready and working hard to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Steiner-Otoo said he is focused on campus life.

“One thing I’ve been really advocating for and working on as well is trying to boost campus life as a whole,” Steiner-Otoo said. “Whether that be dining, activities, clubs, just trying to boost student life on campus in any way possible.”

Mental health is also a strong priority for him.

“[Mental health is] something that will be very focused on especially over the summer, just so that going into the start of the new semester, we have systems in place [and] we have several resources in place that students can take advantage of,” Steiner-Otoo said.

Houston is looking to increase safety and diversity.

“I want Montclair State to be a safe, fun, diverse community where students and faculty feel comfortable whenever they are on campus,” Houston said.

SGA Executive Vice President Mikayla Houston

SGA executive vice president Mikayla Houston is looking to increase safety and diversity.
Meagan Kane | The Montclarion

Houston is already working with University Police on safety measures.

“I have already started with campus police to implement some new systems to ensure our safety at Montclair State,” Houston said.

She is also looking to prioritize dining services and residence life.

“Dining services and [residence] life are top concerns for students on campus,” Houston said. “I have thought a lot about them and have some exciting ideas to bring forth to those areas.”

Rana is looking to help the student body.

“My main goal is to help other students expand their opportunities here at Montclair [State],” Rana said. “As secretary, I know I’m able to promote [the SGA], publicize it and really reach out to individuals, especially underclassmen because they don’t really know much about our campus.”

SGA Executive Secretary Krisha Rana

SGA Executive secretary Krisha Rana is looking to help the student body.
Meagan Kane | The Montclarion

Some may not know exactly what the SGA has to offer, but Rana has the answer.

“The big one [idea] is bridging the gap between students and administration,” Rana says. “Overall, we do a lot. We offer a ton of free services in our office [and] we have two programming boards which bring the fun and help amplify other people’s college experiences which is great.”

If students have concerns, the SGA is here to help.

“If [students] have concerns about anything, you can come to us and we have direct communication with [administration, Montclair State President Jonathan Koppell and others such as Dean Margaree Coleman-Carter],” Rana said.

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