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Instagram Minion

by Rose Kershner

I have always been scared to grow up, and have not written an article in two years. We will see how this goes.

I didn’t join The Montclarion my freshman year because I missed the first meeting and was scared to come late. I went to the Video Production Club meeting instead and met some of my best friends who have watched me sing Big Time Rush, cry in Blanton Hall and gradually learn to start cursing.

Luckily, I followed those same friends into a Montclarion meeting my sophomore year and joined the social media team as an “Instagram minion.”

I was having a lot of fun and even wrote three feature articles to earn the coveted staff writer swag bag. After I secured a Montclarion hat, I stopped pitching articles and focused on promoting other people’s work, and I eventually became the Social Media Manager.

I love getting to read every article we publish and helping students share their ideas. Watching people fight in our comment section was always fun. Though, I did have to learn some self-restraint while reading through them.

I’ve learned more about sports and parking regulations than I ever would have expected and am honestly so impressed with all of The Montclairon writers for putting their words to the page even after they got the swag bag.

I don’t spend as much time in the office as the editors, but they are always so welcoming and fun to hang out with whenever I do stumble in.

Jenna Sundel taught me how to jerk, and Maddye Belov-Boxer and Emma Caughlan introduced me to the Mediterranean bowl at Panera, which is a pretty big step for a mac and cheese girl.

My favorite part about these last semesters with The Montclarion has been watching our Editor-in-Chief Sam Nungesser be an amazing leader and TikTok director.

Sam became one of my best friends last year and I got to see her love for Paris Hilton and vacuuming while laughing on her living room floor. It is crazy to think we used to mute ourselves during The Montclarion Zoom critique sessions to giggle and this year she ran the meetings like a pro!

Watching Sam go above and beyond for this paper makes me so proud and excited to see what she does next. I’m hoping I get to be that crazy friend on her real housewife show someday.

I can’t become any more sentimental right now, so happy Montclarion to all, and to all a good night!


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