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The Shadow Self

by Derek Castano

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We human beings have the ability to reach all sorts of levels and standards within our lifetime. To obtain new heights comes a plethora of new situations that are in need of adaptation.

We can choose to be unique and become ambitious to the idea of that change, as it is inevitable and to truly move within this life the simple concept of change has to be abided by and not withstood. We live in a constant cycle of not changing and labeling that hinders our availability and opportunity to grow.

It goes along with the idea of what I call our Shadow Selves, also known as the idea of the “identity” and the strength of the “Ego.” They both go hand and hand but I will begin with our “Identity.”

I believe in some aspects, that term and the meaning it presents do not even come close to existing. In our present-day society, it is used as a way of determining our being, deciphering our hobbies to add a cause to our effect, therefore, those specific actions you do, are known as “you.”

Listen, I do not care what you do nor can I control your actions, but I am only the messenger, as you are your own being, meaning that if you have the courage to change go right ahead. You are not your hobbies, you are not your past. This thing we do of constant labeling as human beings hinders our growth.

If the number of hours we spend doing something or doing certain things counts as being “us,” that’s just blatantly untrue. As human beings, we spend a good portion of our time sleeping but do you see anyone going around saying, “Yes I am sleeping, sleeping is me,” do you? Of course not. So why implement that same logic and concept to other things we do?

Letting go of those past ideologies is how we grow and truly evolve into a new state of being as we are letting go of a past self that is no longer needed and outdated.

Just take the particular issue as a lesson to help you move forward and better guide you on what not to do. Now why is that version no longer needed? Because we change, why is it outdated, because we evolve?

As simple and as bland as it might sound, it really is that simple. We are human beings both our bodies and our minds are in constant rotations of change and it is inevitable we are supposed to. That is why we feel blocked, restricted, and sometimes even depressed. It is the seed inside of you trying to grow, but here is the dilemma, will you allow it?

Listen, making these life-altering decisions is not simple by any means and for some of us these decisions will break, but make us, it will truly shake the entirety of our world as we currently know it in that particular moment of time. However, in the same way, it is your responsibility to change, it is also your responsibility that you knowingly self-sabotage and hinder your own growth. Now you stop your own growth from the thoughts formulated by the Ego.

The Ego is sort of like an itch, a bug bite, where you if keep on scratching it, it will only want you to scratch it even more. The Ego goes hand in hand with identity as it gets mistaken for being who you are.

Our mental, physical, and maybe emotional (emotional, if you let it get to that point) nature puts us automatically in motion to want to continuously feed, or rather “scratch it.”

Becoming aware of it and the actions that it has perpetuated is extremely important as it is the way to build consciousness and it’s a fine starting point to begin your ascension as a human being.

Now, it is not entirely negative either, it is a truly beautiful part of the mind as it is a part of our self-esteem that guides our brain to realize our self-importance as an individual. However, like most things in life, moderation is key.

Despite it helping us, it can strip you of having any sense of guilt and even in some situations, it can strip you of your entire guilty conscience as it can make you act mentally deranged at any moment.

Please, I can not stress this enough, be very cautious about ignoring the feelings of guilt, that will spiral your mind and body into a different state where chemically in the future it will be a very difficult process for your body to come back to its normal form.

We as younger human beings, most of the time, unknowingly self-sabotage and put ourselves in situations of discomfort, the worst part is we do not even realize that were even being egotistical in the heat of a certain moment. Just make sure in these times you realize it is all about reflection, if you show each other that you can be better and change, then that’s damn worth enough. To show an action, without the action of holding yourself accountable is a sign of disrespect, and do not expect those who you disrespect to show you any form of respect, because a person who can not take accountability is far from a trustworthy person.

I believe that learning to take accountability and taking responsibility for your actions is the only way anybody’s ever going to take you seriously.

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