Burn out

by Steph Sangillo

Her fire once burned as large as this world could contain

Engulfed in flames,

Untouchable by all men.

Tears melted down her face.

A seemingly endless stream,

As salt water burned like acid dripping down her cheeks

Her thoughts built up so high;

What should have been a mountain

Became a wall.

Nothing but emptiness hollowed her,

As she stood behind the wall

Clawing and screaming,

In a vain attempt to break free.

Falling to her knees,

As her tears filled the room

Pulling her below the undertow

Until her motionless limbs began to float.

No one warned her about the riptide

How was she supposed to keep her head above water for so long

If she didn’t even know how to swim

Every gasp of air she attempted to take

Her lungs filled with water

Suffocating her

She could no longer feel the endless veil of pain.

She was absorbed by the burning salt water,

The wall came crashing down,

A tidal wave of powerless pressure pouring out

The smoke choking what was left of her body

Until she felt nothing leaving her lifeless, empty and arid

A fire that was hardly burning anymore,

On this day, was finally washed out.

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