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“Dazzle Dance”

by Kiara Oelkers

The blazing rays escaped through the tight blinds,

Pouring radiantly on the victim’s eyes.

She did not fuss, but rather,

Invited the slivered ribbons to sparkle on her features.

Distant robins are mildly cucking soft greetings,

Harmonizing within the green cotton and red silk.

Gentle taps against glass ricocheted alike to the cease of rain,

Decorating transparent mirrors with yellow pixie dust.

As her senses switch from matter to space,

She became one with the everflowing cycle.

Her silk body floating from room to room,

Swimming among molecules, now clothed for the naked eye.

Lavender swirls with cream puff clouds,

Tornadoing the delicate air into her nostrils.

Entranced, she glides to the laced windowsill,

Expecting candied pleasantries waiting for presence.

Instead, she is greeted by thoughts and manifestation,

Welcoming her curiosity with a mysterious dazzle.

Her face contorts, reaching her hand through the dance,

But with her fatal action came her consequence.

She springs up in bed, met by colorless normalcy.

Off-white chipped paint flutters toward the dull wood floor,

As her body has just witnessed. Her heart descends,

Clinging onto attachments once again.

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