Dear Reader


Published April 19, 2023
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The Montclarion
My mind is a maze.

Dear reader,

My mind is a mystery.

I discover

more than I know.

My mind is a maze

of closed doors

and unexplored corridors.

When I enter a new one,

I find something delightful.

Dear reader,

My mind spins

with new stories.

New worlds.

New universes.

New creatures.

New people.

I never have names for them,

but I can’t wait to see them.

They’re a part of me

before they become real.

Dear reader,

A good story is a cure.

An escape from the world.

A fictional world

is a place of excitement.

New adventures.

Dear reader,

It’s easy to travel through stories.

There are no expenses.

No risks.

No need to plan.

Dear reader,

Stories and their worlds

have caught me in their trap,

but I don’t plan to escape.

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