Donuts by the sea

by Nicholas Vidal

I’m currently on a beachfront motel resort trying its hardest to look nice. It’s eleven at night and I’m sitting alone at the bar.

Cheap outdoor string lights illuminate the scene along with some colorful disco lights. My elbow hurts. I’ve been using it to support my head by placing it on the wooden glossy bar-top. I’m really tired and almost about to retreat to my room. Then, suddenly, I see someone. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. I blink and then blink again but nothing changes.

As step off the barstool I trip, just a little, but I keep my balance and don’t fall. As I walk towards this someone, I start to wonder, “Had they saw me at all?”

Do I exist within this moment for them as they do for me?

My final steps seem to fall in synchrony with the music being pushed out from the cheap speakers of the bar. I didn’t hear it before, but as I approach them I can suddenly hear the sound of the ocean find its way into my current soundscape.

I close the final gap between us and…

“Never thought I’d see you here Al Pachino wearing a Dunkin Donuts lined suit.”

He laughs and looks at me, saying, “My old friend I thought you knew.”

I look at him puzzled and say, “Knew what, Al?”

He chuckles to himself, grabs his suit jacket, and says “It’s not Al anymore. It’s Dunk.”

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