by Orion Oss

Euphoria is

pulling on a binder and a crew neck t-shirt

baggy jeans and hoodies

dark crystal necklaces and kandi bracelets

faded and broken-in black converse that show off funky socks

euphoria is

the way my hair curls around my face and flounces fresh from the shower

the way the veins in my hands pulse green and blue

the way my muscles burn after hitting the gym

the way eyeliner sticks to my eyelashes for a few days, even though I try to scrub it off

euphoria is

slouching and standing wide legged

sitting with my legs spread

bruised knees and scrapes

rough skin and a ruddy nose

standing tall with my shoulders back, proud

but most of all

euphoria is just being me

loving myself and the body that I live in

and the way I will be when I’m older

knowing that I’m okay

because I know who I am.

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