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I’d Only Tried to Help

by Joaquim Vazquez

Flightless Bird

Beautiful with a broken wing

I try to pick you up

But all you can do is scream

I chose a new approach

To show you what I can bring

All this so you can find comfort

in knowing that you are seen

The days go by

Since your acceptance of my act

In my hand, you’ve chosen to stay

As we are both undoubtedly attached

Your frail body brings warmth to my hands

So no, I am not one to contest

But It’s only a matter of time

Before my arms need their rest

This discomfort frustrates me

and so I have to let you know

“You’ve been causing me a strain

that I’ve never felt before”

Look at how I’ve left you

Once again, injured on the floor

“I should’ve never tried to help you”

As you kick me out your bedroom door

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