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The Best Version of Me

by Anexis Matos

I buried you.

Destroyed you.

Why are you here?




Why are you here?

I’m back to being you,

the version of me

I never wanted to be.




but here I am.

Here you are.

You hold my hand.

Yours is soft.

You are a child.

Your smile is warm.

You offer me kindness

when I don’t deserve it.

I’ve abandoned you.

Pushed you away.

Buried you.

Destroyed you.

I made sure

you stayed in my past.

You were weak.

I needed to be strong.

Your voice is soft

when you ask me what’s wrong.

You touch my shoulder

and kneel beside me.

I tell you I’m lost

and have nowhere to go.

I’ve been lost for some time now,

letting others guide me

to the destination they wanted.

That I wanted at some point.

I realized too late

how easy it was to get rid of me.

The same way

I got rid of you.

You extend your hand.

I hesitate,

staring up at you.

Why offer your hand

when I abandoned you?

I take it

and you help me stand.

I was wrong.

You’re not weak.

You just may be

the best version of me.

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