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WMSC-FM Presents Its 7th Annual College Radio Day

by Hiral Patel

WMSC took over Rocky the red Hawk’s Snapchat account.
Photo courtesy of WMSC’s FB Page.

Montclair State University’s campus radio station, WMSC-FM, streamed its seventh annual College Radio Day on Friday, Oct. 6. The event consisted of 33 hours of live broadcasting, with 26 bands performing in studio sessions.


When the clock hit 8:50 the band from Brooklyn, “Ishmael”, jumped into their set.
Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

“I came out to help the loading crew because I was just sitting in the office thinking, ‘I can do so much more to help,'” said freshman and filmmaking major Joshua Noeltirado, describing his first College Radio Day experience.”I think it’s great doing this, especially for my first year at Montclair State.”


WMSC crew working behind the scenes during College Radio Day.
Michael Edwards | The Montclarion

Noeltirado mentioned how this event could help him prepare for a career opportunity in videography. He would also be able to establish bonds with the bands he had met.

In the Booth

Behind the practice space sat the control booth that brought each band’s music to the airwaves.
Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

College Radio Day is focused on expanding listenership among college stations worldwide and keeping students informed on various subjects, like news and entertainment. Its mission is also to expose and promote new bands.

This year’s theme, Passionately Vocal, Seriously Local, was presented by WMSC-FM General Manager Anabella Poland.


Anabella Poland shares her social media misadventures in a quick break from the hustle.
Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

“During College Radio Day, I never sleep,” said WMSC Senior Producer Mike Grippa. “I do a show overnight and assist in any way possible. I try to fix any problems that may arise during the 33-hour marathon.”


WMSC Program Director Mike Stringham (left) simultaneously using two phones, a walkie-talkie and a detailed 40-page binder to coordinate the whole operation. “Old Trevor” Cardone (right) is a former DJ at WMSC.
Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

Grippa, a senior majoring in Theater Studies, has also been WMSC’s production director and assistant production director. He explains that College Radio Day is a celebration and how college radio has helped him find his own voice.

“It helped me come out of my shell and not be as shy as I was prior to college,” Grippa said.

There were 26 bands booked, including PromMoms that was formed just three days before College Radio Day by WMSC’s Programming Director Mike Stringham and Music Director Austin Resnick, a senior majoring in television and digital media.

Prom Mom

The Hit Band “Prom Mom”, which was formed by Mike Stringham (Left) & Music Director Austin Resnick (Right) just last Tuesday, played only two songs but some are saying they may have saved College Radio Day.
Jake Gongora | The Montclarion


WMSC Music Director Austin Resnick playing the snare drum.
Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

“Prom Mom was quickly put together after two bands cancelled their slots within one week,” said WMSC Production Director Christian Curtola, a junior double majoring in television production and history.

Curtola said they performed two original songs written in a two day period, which they practiced several times in that span.

Some of the bands that performed in the new studios of the School of Communication and Media building were Use Big Words, Ishmael, Primitive Lips, The Planet You and many more.

Curtola said they performed two of their original songs and they covered songs from famous artists as well.

Some of the bands that performed in the new studios of the School of Communication and Media building were Use Big Words, Dylan Young, Shark Club, The Planet You and many more.

Erotica whole band

Keyboard Galore from the Space age/ Experimental pop NJ band “Erotica”
Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

Poland reached out to the lead singer of Poison, Bret Michaels, and asked him to share some words about College Radio Day.

“Hello, this is Bret Michaels saying mega congratulations to World College Radio Day,” Michaels said. “The role that you play in breaking bands and helping our careers is unbelievable. Thank you, College Radio Day. You rock my world.”

This is the college radio day video by Bret Michaels below:

Acoustic punk musician from Clifton, New Jersey Joe Billy was the second to last performance. College Radio Day concluded with the last performance by the band In-Dreamview. WMSC thanked everyone who helped make this 33-hour event a successful one, including the Video Production Club, Red Hawk Life and their supporters.


“In-Dreamview” Drummer Zack Smith, prepping for the last set of the night.
Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

“We’ve had such a great opportunity promoting many local artists and having them speak on the air,” said Resnick.

This is a video of Erotica’s performance at College Radio Day by Jake Gongora below:

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