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And the Award Goes to… RecBoard Grammy Bingo

by Amarisa Torres

While Drake, Cardi B, and all of Montclair State University’s students’ favorite artists were at the Grammys, students received a special invitation to a Grammy bingo party hosted by RecBoard. The event took place on Feb. 27 in the Student Recreation Center inside the basketball courts.

There were a series of rounds creating different letters, and if students called out “Bingo,” they received an extra raffle ticket in addition to the one they obtained at the door prior.

Students were able to put the raffles tickets into several different prize bags. Prizes varied from a record player with a vinyl record included to a Google Home to Apple Airpods. The grand prize was a pair of tickets to the Governors Ball music festival in New York City.

If students weren’t lucky enough to collect extra tickets, they still had the opportunity to buy additional raffle tickets for $1. Students were also able to purchase extra bingo boards for $1 to up their chances.

RecBoard President Linda Mozdzen explained where the proceeds were being distributed.

“All proceeds are going to Relay For Life and not into my bank account,” said Mozdzen jokingly.

Relay For Life is a movement as well as a fundraiser to help those suffering from cancer.

RecBoard is a student-run organization with the motto “Have Fun, Get Involved, Make a Difference.” RecBoard Vice President Ivy Jane Dimaculangan emphasized making a difference by raising money for Relay For Life.

“We didn’t want any plain old bingo,” Dimaculangan said. “At the rec center, we love to go above and beyond.”


RecBoard Vice President Ivy Jane Dimaculangan poses with bingo boards. Amarisa Torres | The Montclarion

RecBoard stayed true to this statement as it served refreshments and had a DJ playing all the students’ favorite tracks. For this event, the organization thought about how it could incorporate fun as well as fundraising.

“We were sitting in our executive board meeting, and we were thinking one thing that students are really into,” Dimaculangan said. “We realized that students were really into music.”

The Grammy Awards is an iconic night for music so members decided this would be the right theme.

Having done bingo events in the past, RecBoard came up with great prizes with the help of its leadership team: A group of students who show initiative to go the extra mile by sitting in e-board meetings. The most highly requested prize at the end of the night was a pair of tickets to Governors Ball as well as the Airpods and other cool prizes, such as a CD collection of some favorite Grammy stars. All of the tickets put in the black bags were put together to determine the winners for the music festival tickets.


There were extra tickets and boards for the bingo event. Amarisa Torres | The Montclarion

Montclair State students had a great time winning cool prizes and listening to their favorite tracks. Amazon Prime student ambassadors also were a part of the fun event, calling out rounds of bingo and giving away T-shirts. They also gave students codes to save on their next Amazon purchases.

Students’ favorite artists may not have been at this event, but the stars were the students that attended, and they had a great time screaming out, “Bingo!”


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