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Bruno Mars Brings the ‘Magic’ in Latest Album 24K Magic and Upcoming Tour

by Montclarion Entertainment
Bruno Mars’ new album cover.

Bruno Mars’ new album cover.

Two-time Superbowl performer, four-time grammy-award winner and showstopper Bruno Mars brings the funk back in his third album “24k Magic” released on Nov. 18, along with the announcement of his upcoming tour in 2017.

“It’s very important that the world hears this album in it’s entirety,” Mars explained to 97.1 AMP Radio on Oct. 19. “On this album, I really focused on giving you one continuous wave. As soon as you put this album on, you’re going to be taken for a ride. This album is the best album I’ve ever done. Out of all three of them…this is the one.”

Born as Peter Gene Hernandez in Honolulu, Hawaii, singer-songwriter Bruno Mars grew up with a musically-talented family. His mother was a singer and his father was a Latin percussionist from Brooklyn. Mars’ sister Jamie explained that the nickname “Bruno” came from his childhood since he displayed tremendous confidence, independence and was somewhat of a “brute.” Surrounded by his family, Mars learned to play instruments like the guitar without any professional training and fell in love with the sounds of Motown and doo-wop.

Mars’ soulful vocals and instrumentals in his latest album “24k Magic” are what make him stand out as an artist. Mars’ new record album features nine tracks — songs with a nostalgic ‘90s R&B feeling. The catchy album as a whole will make anyone get off their seats, dance and sing along.

1) “24K Magic”- This was first song released from the album. With some autotune mixing and phrases, Mars definitely created a record worth jamming out to. The sayings that caught my attention the most were “I’m a dangerous man with some money in my pocket. Keep up!” and “Why you mad? Fix your face.” His sense of humor is shown throughout the song as a way to encourage his fans to get up and move those hips.

2) “Chunky”- Listening to the female vocals and the organ playing felt like a time-warp to the 1970s when there were “daisy dukes and big ole hoops,” as sung by Mars. The song is about admiring women that make their money and their sex appeal, not referring specifically to curvaceous women. “Chunky” was a term used years ago to say “cool” or “nice.”
3) “Perm”- “Throw some perm on your attitude cause girl you gotta relax,” Mars shouts and screams like James Brown. If there is one word to describe this track, it would be groovy.

4) “That’s What I Like”- This song talks about the Hawaiian superstar liking to jump into cadillacs, diamonds and strawberry champagne. Who wouldn’t like all of those things?

5) “Versace on the Floor”- If you ever need a romantic song to play while in the arms of your significant other, this is the one for you. “Versace on the Floor” is my favorite song on the album, alternating the mood from up-beat to nice and slow. Mars’ singing is similar to Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.” When you hear this song, imagine a room full of rose pedals and a bottle of the finest wine. It’s definitely not one for children to hear.

6) “Straight Up & Down”- I’m pretty sure this song was created one night with a lot of liquor and hormones. It’s describing how a man is tipsy at the club, notices a beautiful woman and tells her how much fun they will have. We get it, Bruno Mars. You sure do have a way with wooing a girl, Casanova.

7) “Calling All the Lovelies”- Pick up the phone, cause Bruno Mars is calling all the lovely women out there. There is Halle Berry’s voicemail message towards the end of the song. Mars ends up calling her back though… with no response on her end.

8) “Finesse”- This song reminds me of Bell Biv Devoe’s classic song “Poison” in the chorus with the drumbeat. It talks about confidence.

9) “Too Good to Say Goodbye”- If you thought that “If I Was Your Man” was the best break-up anthem from Bruno Mars, this song sounds just as sincere. The song is saying, “There is too much good in our relationship to throw it all away. I am not perfect, but we love each other still and we should still be together.”

According to Live Nation, Bruno Mars has sold more than one million tickets for his “24K Magic” Tour next year. Fifteen shows had to be added due to popular demand, including five shows in the New York CIty area. If you have never seen this talented man perform live, you should. I attended his concert in Raleigh, NC for the Moonshine Jungle Tour in 2014. It was an incredible, entertaining phenomenon from start to finish. The choreography, the lighting, the vocals and the energy from the crowd was electrifying.

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