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Celebrities Are Instagram Live-ing up Quarantine

by Sam Nungesser

In hopes to stop the spread of COVID-19, celebrities have been encouraging people to stay safe in their homes. In helping with the quarantine-blues, celebrities have been providing fans with live entertainment through their Instagram accounts.

From inspirational talk show episodes to live concerts, here are some popular Instagram live streams to check out:



“Bright Minded” with Miley Cyrus


On March 17, 2020, Cyrus began her Instagram Live series, “Bright Minded,” where she video chats with multiple celebrities Monday through Friday to tell uplifting stories revolving around mental health and staying positive while on coronavirus lockdown.

Cyrus has since chatted with friends from her Disney Channel days such as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Emily Osment. She has also brought on Elton John, Reese Witherspoon, Millie Bobby Brown and Jimmy Fallon among many other celebrities for her daytime talk show.

If you’re looking for something to stay positive and missed the live run of the show, Cyrus posts all of her “Bright Minded” episodes on her Instagram account.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Live Concert


As for Hollywood’s “it-couple,” Mendes and Cabello have helped in lightening up the social media world with their own Instagram Live performance.

In the live stream, which displays green palm trees and Mendes on the guitar while Cabello accompanies him in vocals, the couple interacts with fans in between singing covers of other musicians music such as Ed Sheeran as well as their own work. They end with none other than their hit duet, “Senorita.”

While the two have yet to post it on their social media, the full-length video can be found on YouTube.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen


Legend and Teigen are no strangers to the social media world. With their hilarious remarks back-and-forth and their usual documentation of their every day life, it is no surprise that they were one of the first to entertain an audience.

On March 18, Legend gave a 52-minute long concert on his Instagram Live right from his home piano, accompanied by none other than his wife, Teigen, sitting right by his side and sang some lines. Their daughter, Luna, even made a brief appearance. Luckily for fans, it did not stop there.

A little over a week after the concert, Teigen organized a lighthearted wedding ceremony for her young daughter’s two favorite stuffed animals, Chloe and Nosh. The near 10-minute Instagram Live stream documented the Legends’ beachfront backyard, properly decorated for a wedding with Teigen as the officiator and Legend performing a song.

If you’re looking for some soothing music or a way to put a smile on your face, be sure to check out both of their Instagram accounts for the full videos.

Bedtime Stories with Josh Gad

Gad, better known for voicing the role of Olaf in Disney’s “Frozen,” announced last month that he would be taking to his Instagram and Twitter to livestream himself reading children’s stories every week for what he calls the “Gad Book Club.”

“I’m going to see how this goes but I decided I’m going to read to you and your children — or just you, depending on what you prefer,” Gad said during his first reading. “I’m not going to pass judgement right now since the world is a bit of a hot mess.”

So far his readings have covered children’s books such as “The Giving Tree” and “The Day the Crayons Quit.” Most recently, he has begun reading chapters from “Artemis Fowl.”

Gad is among many celebrities, including Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams, who have taken up reading children’s books on their livestream accounts.


Lizzo’s Meditation Session


Aside from her hit songs, Lizzo is also known for her inspirational messages regarding self-love and self-care. The “Truth Hurts” singer has been offering meditation sessions through her Instagram account since the world went on lockdown due to COVID-19.

She begins each session playing a song on the flute before she goes into a short message about the pandemic. With incense and healing crystals surrounding her, the star leads into her meditation where she promotes the mantra of love and compassion in a time where it may be overridden by fear.

Although there have only been two sessions so far, they can both be found on Lizzo’s Instagram page, where she will hopefully post more over the next few weeks.

For those who haven’t left their house and ran out of Netflix shows to binge-watch, I absolutely recommend tuning into some of these celebrity Instagram Lives for wholesome and positive entertainment during such an unusual time.

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