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Disney+ : Where Dreams or Nightmares (Before Christmas) Come True?

by Casey Masterson

Montclair State University has been overrun with Disney fever since the release of their new streaming service in November. Disney+ seems to have something for all ages, such as classic movies, nostalgic old shows and exciting new ones.

Almost everyone has found themselves discussing the new streaming service. Kyle Cashin, a junior history major, enjoys the platform.

“I like that I can watch all of my favorite Marvel movies, Star Wars movies and childhood tv shows,” Cashin said.

Although Cashin likes the streaming service, he did admit that it has its downsides.

“I think it has plenty of content, but I think it only appeals to a certain age demographic. That demographic isn’t the one paying for it at the end of the day,” Cashin said.

Cashin is not the only one to notice problems with Disney+. Edward DuCoin, a junior film major, has other problems with the streaming service’s content.

“You’re not really getting any original content,” DuCoin said. “All of the content is based off of [Disney’s] properties and all the shows announced are based off of different franchises and characters.”

However, public opinion about Disney+ is not entirely negative. Zoe Gleason, a journalism major, does not have a Disney+ account but has heard positive things.


The Mandalorian is a new series that can be streamed on Disney+.
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

“The only thing I’ve heard so far is that the new Star Wars show, ‘The Mandalorian,’ is really good. The primary reason I would want to get it is to view their exclusive content, have access to nostalgic children’s movies and the Marvel cinematic universe,” Gleason said.

Disney+ is doing impressive work with their exclusive content. “The Mandalorian” has hired famous directors such as Taika Waititi and Deborah Chow. The show boasts prominent actors like Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog and Pedro Pascal.

New and exciting series are still to come, such as “Loki,” “WandaVision,” “Kenobi” and “Marvel: What If?” that has fans head over heels.

In spite of this amazing content, students like DuCoin and Gleason want Disney+ to make some changes before they buy.

“If they did a student discount, a bundle package with another streaming service or included something in addition to the movies and shows, their package might be more attractive,” Gleason said.

DuCoin felt that appealing to a larger demographic might draw more people to the platform.

“Something I’ve noticed is it seems to be more family-friendly. I heard ‘Deadpool’ is not going to be there, so I feel like [Disney+] is more aimed towards kids than it should be,” DuCoin said.

Regardless of these suggestions, Disney+ seems to be soaring in popularity among the masses. The streaming service has over 10 million subscribers and is likely to rise the longer it exists.

With the mixed reviews from both users and prospective users, it is hard to tell whether Disney+ is a nightmare or a dream come true. It seems that the answer will have to come to us someday, like Cinderella’s prince, when the streaming service has had a longer life span.

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