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Album Review: Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ Conquers Billboard Charts

by Tess Reynolds

Ed Sheeran’s new album debuted on March 3.
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Hearts around the world melted on March 3, when Ed Sheeran released his newest album called “Divide.” It came to no one’s surprise that his third studio album is conquering Billboard ‘s Top 200 album charts, and has already become double platinum. In the short two weeks since “Divide” has been released, it has broken global streaming, while Sheeran’s ticket sales for his upcoming tour have been skyrocketing—many already sold out around the world.

When discussing Sheeran’s new album, it is important to recognize the song that is often playing on the radio, and constantly stuck in everyone’s heads. “Shape of You” is one of Sheeran’s biggest hits, and with good reason. While it might be overplayed, this song is perfect for a sing-along with some of your friends during a lengthy car ride. Even without the lyrics, the song is fast-paced enough to dance around to with a group of friends or a special someone.

“Eraser,” the first song on the new record, is one of Sheeran’s most honest songs as it sheds light on his own experiences of being a singer in the public eye. “I’ll find comfort in my pain” is just one of the many lyrics of the song that give the fans a bit of insight of the singer’s struggles, from being a young boy wanting a dream to man who has achieved that dream.

He compares how his career has become mainstream, and how everything isn’t as marvelous as he thought it would be. While his experiences might not reflect your own, the song still mirrors the struggles and pains that many go through when they lose themselves trying to chase a dream.

If you are feeling nostalgic, “Castle on the Hill,” might be the right song for you on those days that you are feeling homesick. It’s upbeat, light, simple and the best four minutes of your life in one song. Sheeran sings his heart out about the ones that he loves best, who might not be flawless, but have taught him the value of family and love. So instead of feeling down about not being with your loved ones, turn on this song and relive your rebellious teenage years with Sheeran.

If you’re unsure if you should tell that special someone about your feelings—even if you are dying to tell him or her—well, “Dive” right into it with this slow beat, heart-warming, and guitar-driven song. Sheeran does a perfect job of wearing his heart on his sleeve, so the rest of us don’t have to. The song is meant for those that are ready to “Dive” right into a relationship with that special someone, but might be too shy to tell them.

Take the example of the legendary 1998 movie “Say Anything” by playing this song from a boombox (or your laptop nowadays) over your head right below that special someone’s window. Trust Sheeran in helping you to win over that person—without even having to utter a single word.

Here is the “Perfect” song for a romantic night out with your boyfriend or “Galway Girl.” Both songs are love songs; the only difference is their beats. “Perfect” is more slow-paced for a night dancing under the stars, while “Galway Girl” is just right for a night out in an Irish pub. “Galway Girl” shows how an Irish girl and an English man can truly make some catchy tones, while “Perfect” reminds you how wonderful that person is that you keep daydreaming about — you know the one.

Now if you are looking for a “Happier” beat, this song might not be for you. Sheeran reminds us how much it hurts to see your ex with someone else, especially only after a month apart. The song is meaningful, powerful and moving, making this one of Sheeran’s best songs — even if it isn’t number one on the billboards.

Sheeran just dissed your “New Man,” with this catchy tune. Just remember, if you ever break up with Sheeran, he might end up writing a song about your “New Man,” and not in the most flattering light.

“Hearts Don’t Break Around Here,” reminds us that not all love songs are about heartbreak, and that love can bring you happiness.

“What Do I Know,” has a sweet, and slow melody written as a love song for the whole world, and reminds us that a bit of love can go a long way in making the world a better place.

“How Would You Feel (Paean)” about this song on repeat on your phone for a couple of days straight. This love song transports you to a time when you fell in love for the first time, and the incredible feelings that person gives you.

“Supermarket Flowers,” is one of Sheeran’s most honest, raw and gloomy songs yet. Grab a box of tissues and make sure to call up your grandmother after crying your eyes out.

Get ready to purchase the soonest ticket to “Barcelona” and dance your way onto the airplane after listening to this song. While it is deeply appreciated, Sheeran’s attempt to sing in Spanish on this track wasn’t the best. Next time, the British singer should just stick with what he knows — English.

You might not understand some of the words, but “Bibia Be Ye Ye,” is a great song. The song has traces of Hawaiian influence with a fast-paced rhythm that makes you want to head to the nearest beach just to lie in the sand and drink coconut all day.

Sheeran gives a traditional Irish sound mixed with pop for his track “Nancy Mulligun,” which talks about the magical romance of his grandfather and grandmother. This song shows glimpses into an everlasting love through the eyes of a caring grandson.

“Save Myself,” is the final song of the sixteen-track album. It helps to leave the fans with an undying message that sometimes you need to be the hero of your own story, before you can be the hero of someone else’s.

No matter the emotions that you are feeling on any given day, you can find a song in this album that reflects your own feelings.

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