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F is for Forkoontula in Season 3 of ‘F is for Family’

by Dominique Evans

Despite all of the cheerful content Netflix is offering this holiday season, the Murphy family dives right into summer in the third season of “F is for Family.” Bill Burr and friends rise to the occasion of bringing the Murphys to life in a new figurative and literal season.

With the summer comes the addition of hilarious and scandalous performances from Vince Vaughn and Eileen Fogarty. The two shake up the cul-de-sac and leave viewers with dropped jaws and aching stomachs.

A new season of Netflix’s favorite ‘f’ bomb-dropping animated family became available to stream on Nov. 30. In the aftermath of season two’s big pregnancy reveal, Kevin’s virginity loss, the stealing of the Salad Tosser, Vic’s drug abuse, Bill’s crush on his bully’s sister and Frank’s attempt to keep things afloat after ending the season re-employed, trials and tribulations never seem to end for the Murphy family.

However, a new season doesn’t mean old habits don’t die hard. In return, neither does some of their humor. You can expect Frank, played by Burr, threatening to throw his kids through a wall and leaving them short-changed regardless of what he considers his best efforts to be a supportive father.

This season, Sue, voiced by Laura Dern, fights to maintain her entrepreneurial spirit with a new baby on the way. She does this while Frank works against his negative perspective in an attempt to connect with his kids before their new addition arrives. However, all of the affection Frank desires to provide to his family is divided when Chet, voiced by Vaughn, and his wife/spoil of war, played by Fogarty, move into the neighborhood.

It is needless to say that the wedding crasher turns Frank’s world upside down. As an air-force veteran, Chet is a ‘70s picturesque figure of a proper American hero. Yet, Vaughn’s character has a dark side that can be seen as a major social critique of an old school veteran narrative through a comedic lens.

That being said, the season shows no holds bar and leaves nothing to the imagination when dealing with topics of its time. With the addition of Nguyen Nguyen, Fogarty’s character, the show’s exploitation of race for humor seems to go up about 30 percent. However, what else would you expect from Burr?

There is a lot of borderline humor within the show’s third run, but the Murphy family works individually and collectively to not let a new baby define them. They all fight against their nature and reinvent themselves. This includes the younger Murphys. With the addition of Maureen, voiced by Debi Derryberry, to the middle kids club, the children fight to develop their own sense of selves while also looking toward their parents for approval, now more than ever.

All of this is done in an equally raw and comedic fashion. Kevin and Bill, voiced by Justin Long and Haley Reinhart, both give great performances. Their characters bring a more lighthearted humor to the series as they go through growing pains that include poolside wood, trying to fit in with the crowd, daydreaming and crushes. The two also work on how to balance friendships while searching for themselves.

The Murphys teach us that disappointment can make you stronger and more determined. It can also be very funny. They do this through their antics and all while making viewers laugh at both the absurdity and reality of it all.

Bottom line – if you love Burr’s raw humor and have been keeping up with the Murphy family, then season three of “F is for Family” won’t disappoint.


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