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Final Season of ‘Dark’ Leaves No Questions Unanswered

by Alex Centeno

The Netflix original series, “Dark,” has returned to the streaming platform late last month with their third and final season. Netflix has brought to the table a complex science fiction series from Germany, dealing with different layers of time travel and hidden secrets.

The season deals with scientific phenomena going beyond simply time traveling and opens the door to multidimensional traveling.

The most interesting aspect of this series is the multiple narratives that are intertwined throughout the story. This isn’t a style Netflix typically uses, especially to this extent.

A narrative like this would seem incredibly perplex on paper, so filming might seem beyond any person’s imagination. However, Netflix displays this story perfectly with the help of visual effects and intriguing story arcs.

“Dark” has certainly mastered their timelines within the fictional world by jumping back and forth with their first two seasons without making anything confusing.

In season three, writers tackled both time jumps and transitions to different parallel worlds. The complexity can be overwhelming at times. Most episodes may need a second watch, but audiences should be able to grasp the concept.

Jonas, played by Louis Hofmann, seems to have taken over as the series main character, doing everything he can to prevent an apocalypse through his use of time and dimension travel. The previous two seasons never fully established a leading protagonist until now.

Martha, played by Lisa Vicari, has risen from the dead and also plays a much more vital role to the series. It may be confusing figuring out which Martha to root for due to the many different parallel versions of her, but this becomes more clear by the final episodes.

Hannah, played by Maja Schöne, finally receives the karma she deserves after causing so much havoc throughout the past two seasons. Despite this, she ends up with a very peaceful ending compared to the other characters that suffer major demises. That’s time traveling for you.

Jonas trying to save everyone.

Jonas was established as the main character in “Dark” season three.
Photo courtesy of Netflix. Photo credit: Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Something that was relatively disappointing was how the season never went any further with Ulrich’s storyline, played by Oliver Masucci. The first two seasons showed major character development, along with Ulrich suffering major consequences. He was put on the backburner this season, not showing any progress despite previously having a lead role.

Season three improved much more on the visual effects, making the series even more binge-worthy. This certainly gives films like “Interstellar” a run for their money. Along with the effects, the cinematography for the series is astounding. It presents such a dark atmosphere that fills everyone with both dread and anticipation.

As suspenseful as season three was, it unfortunately does not surpass the last two seasons. It still culminates the entire series on a high note and doesn’t leave any questions unanswered.

Be sure to check out “Dark” season three to unveil the true paradox behind everything the first two seasons set forth.

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