‘Heart Shot’ Could Have Given Us So Much More


Published February 22, 2022
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Samantha (left) and Nikki (right) are in love and want to have a future together. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Directed by filmmaker Marielle Woods, “Heart Shot” is a short romantic action film that follows the love story of two high school senior girls, Nikki (Elena Heuzé) and Samantha (Nia Sondaya), who dream of a future together. However, one of their secrets from the past might just bring all of that to an end.

“Heart Shot” lives up to its category of “short film,” lasting only 19 minutes, approximately. Despite this short amount of time, the story is well-developed in the beginning. From the first two minutes, we instantly get a sense of the characters’ lifestyles and their near futures.

Nikki (played by Elena Heuzé) has a dark past that can't be revealed. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Nikki (Elena Heuzé) has a dark past that can’t be revealed.
Photo courtesy of Netflix

This film is very progressive as it displays a good representation of women empowerment and support of the LGBTQIA+ community. Nikki is a strong female protagonist while Samantha is a mature, intelligent woman in the process of getting her life in order for a better future.

In general, the performances by Heuzé and Sondaya are compelling. However, the performances by minor characters did not feel as natural at certain moments.

One aspect of the film that stood out the most was watching the relationship between Nikki and Samantha unfold. True, their love story is a bit stereotypical, but regardless, the performance is worth watching.

Nikki and Samantha’s relationship is endearing and sweet. Throughout the time we see them on screen, it’s easy to feel their strong connection, as well as the genuine love they have for each other.

Plus, the camera close-ups of the couple’s affectionate moments capture the emotional intimacy of the relationship while creating a comfortable and cozy ambience for the viewer.

Samantha (played by Nia Sondaya) is an intelligent high school senior who is clear about what she wants for her future. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Samantha (Nia Sondaya) is an intelligent high school senior who is clear about what she wants for her future.
Photo courtesy of Netflix

The fast-paced, rhythmic-breathing music at both the beginning and end of the film makes you anxious and somewhat impatient trying to figure out what’s next.

Even though a tense event in the story was already on the horizon, the climax of the story is still unexpected. Around those nine minutes of tension, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. The events transpire rapidly, and in some scenes, you feel as though you are actually inside the movie.

Despite the adrenaline rush, there is one negative aspect about this film.

Compared to other short films, the ending of “Heart Shot” feels unfinished, as it leaves the viewers with many unanswered questions pertaining to the characters.

This movie had all the potential to have been made into a series or could have at least have lasted an hour.

Nikki (played by Elena Huezé) and Samantha (played by Nia Sondaya) embrace each other. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Left to right: Nikki (Elena Huezé) and Samantha (Nia Sondaya) embrace each other.
Photo courtesy of Netflix

This love story and its characters deserved more than just 19 minutes, which many fans of the romance genre will agree with.

“Heart Shot” is a beautiful love story full of adrenaline that will remind you of your time in high school with your first love, but will also teach you a lesson of how traumas and mistakes can deeply affect your life as a couple if they are not solved in time.

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