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‘Justice League’ Brings Justice to DC

by Haley Wells

Starring in ‘Justice League’ are DC Comics heroes Flash, Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Batman and Aquaman.
Photo courtesy of justiceleaguemovie.com

Discretion: Some spoilers ahead

DC Comics fans can come out of hiding and stand proud because “Justice League” was a huge success. Between the tasteful character development and victorious teamwork, the film brought our favorite comic book characters to life in possibly the best DC Comics film yet.

Despite only making $94 million opening weekend, the film proved itself to be worthwhile. The audience was on edge over Superman’s questionable return but was brought back down to earth with Flash’s awkward humor. Everything came together to finally deliver fans a DC movie that could compete with Marvel’s consistent hits.

The characters’ backgrounds were executed more smoothly than DC’s previously anticipated film “Suicide Squad.” With “Justice League,” fans were shown the characters’ worlds and observed how each hero would contribute to the new team. “Suicide Squad” failed to do that and instead jumped from character story to character story, ruining the overall plot of the film.

One of the highlights in “Justice League” was the emphasis on Wonder Woman’s character. Moviegoers assumed she would continue to destroy villains in the background while Batman and Superman butted heads in their infamous feud. However, this was not the case.

Wonder Woman took center stage in the film and led members of the team in multiple scenes. Batman stepped aside from his classic leadership role to hand her the reins. She was able to convince Cyborg to join forces and overcame her fear of losing others in battle. Wonder Woman showed off her fierce leadership skills with her own theme music to back her up.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem for this film was the CGI overkill. Superman’s face was so edited in the beginning flashback scene that there was confusion as to whether or not the film was live-action. On top of that, many backgrounds were unnecessarily green screened and action scenes were hard to watch with so much artificiality happening.

CGI also ruined Cyborg’s character. His body was ridiculously disproportionate and made him almost laughable in the movie. Even though part of his story involved him grappling with insecurity of his own existence, the creators could have done a better job of constructing his body.

Overall, “Justice League” reached high expectations and redeemed DC Comics. The film delivered better characters and a clear plot that gave the audience hope for future DC films, even though it relied so heavily on CGI. With the anticipated teaser at the end that featured more classic comic book characters, fans can expect a stroke of good movies coming soon.

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