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‘Kirby Star Allies’ Is a Great Addition to the Kirby Game Franchise

by Carlos Gonzalez

The Nintendo Switch gaming platform’s newest addition to the Kirby game franchise hit the shelves last week and has received a lot of attention. “Kirby Star Allies” features beautiful graphics, appealing music and colorful game design.

According to the Nintendo website, the video game was made by developer HAL Laboratory, Inc. and was created by Masahiro Sakurai. The first game in the franchise, “Kirby’s Dreamland,” was released back in 1992 for the original Nintendo Game Boy. Since that year, Kirby has been one of the many characters to have appeared in other successful Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros. and has had its own thriving series.

The objective within each Kirby game is consistent, which is to play a pink blob-like character who inhales enemies, steals their powers, defeats villains and advances to the next levels. However, in “Kirby Star Allies,” a player has the ability to throw a heart to an enemy in order to make them join his or her team. A player can do this with as many as three partners. This allows up to four people to play the game using different powers, which is a neat feature. Players also have the option of playing alone or with the computer (CPU).


A player throws a heart to an enemy to make the character join the team.
Photo courtesy of Nintendo.com

One of the most fascinating parts of this game is the gaming world. There are several levels where a gamer will be one half of the screen, while a partner is connected on the other side. The player must hit switches using both screens in order to progress to the next part of the stage.

There are also new team abilities. Two people can combine powers to make one ultimate weapon like a flame yo-yo to light a huge bomb from a distance or a speeding ice curler to break through walls. There are even times when four players will combine to roll down a hill like a giant ring to destroy many enemies at once.


Kirby and partners create a “Friend Circle” move before attacking villains.
Photo courtesy of Nintendo.com

The biggest complaint on “Kirby Star Allies” from reviewers is the game’s lack of intensity. The game is way too generous with having extra lives and having multiple players advance through each stage. The game is also a little short, averaging between five to nine hours depending on if you’re trying to get everything and if you’re playing by yourself or with friends.

Ultimately, the majority of Kirby games are easy. But with each level’s design, catchy music, use of teamwork and vivid imagery, the lack of difficulty has little impact on my overall perspective of the game.

Overall, “Kirby Star Allies” has been well-received by fans of the Kirby series and to the Nintendo Switch console. Sure it is a little on the shorter side, but the game still is enjoyable to play. This game will satisfy gamers of all ages since it is lighthearted and family friendly. I would recommend this game to anyone who is already a Kirby fan or to people that are interested in a casual gaming experience.




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