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Montclair Improv League and Friends’ Halloween Showcase

by Tiyana Merritt
Doo Wop

The MILF gang serenade an audience member in “Doo Wop.”
Photo Courtesy of Allison Davidoff

On Friday, Oct.13, the Montclair Improv League and Friends (MILF) organization kicked off their first performance of the weekend in a Halloween themed showcase. The doors opened promptly at 7:55 p.m. with a storm of eager and excited fans at Rchardson Hall

To fit with the Halloween theme, all cast members were dressed in either purple or orange shirts with black pants. Many cast members, as well as the audience, interacted and joked merrily throughout the evening.

“It was so funny I was tearing up,” said Christine Leonhardt, a former MILF cast member.

Leonhardt also mentioned that she loves the new cast and each year their performances continue to get better.

This particular themed showed was directed by Aiden MacDonald. MILF got everyone into the Halloween spirit with a short video. The iconic “This Is Halloween” song from the Disney classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” ignited the audience’s sense of nostalgia. The chorus was disrupted by a voice-over from a cast member saying “MILF” in a comically monotone voice over the word “Halloween”.

New MILF member Luke Martino, made his debut this past Friday and did not disappoint. Martino provided humor and wit on the spot without any hesitation. One of his most iconic moments in the show was when he took a power jab at other players.

Peg Leg

Luke Martino and Jerry Harney as Pirates in “Revolver” featuring Jessica Podskotch and Rachel Geisser
Photo Courtesy of Allison Davidoff

When he was given the prompt, “bad reasons to draw straws,” Martino responded, “Okay players e-board, time to pick the director for MILF!”

Two-Headed Monster

Anthony Chidichimo and Jessica Yphantides mocking Liv Rauso in “Two-Headed Monster.”
Photo Courtesy of Allison Davidoff

Other notable talents included MILF members Jessica Yphantides and Anthony Chidichimo. They continuously blew the audience away with clever jokes and fantastic stage presence. Individually, Chidichimo and Yphantides added an extra layer of creativity to their performance and helped bring out the energy and talent of their fellow MILF cast mates.

Kick It

Luke Martino Anthony Chidichimo and Jessica Yphantides rap battle it out in “Kick It.”
Photo Courtesy of Allison Davidoff

The two stole the show and left the audience entertained. Their rapping ability was shocking during the “Kick It,” scene. Yphantides played a dim witted southern nurse in love with a doctor, played by Luke Martino. Supplementary to that, Chidichimo played an autonomous stethoscope who hilariously was also in love with the doctor. He rapped about his affection towards the doctor and not letting the nurse have him, which was similar to the Brandy and Monica hit song “The Boy Is Mine.

The performance was “a show to remember” said Val Pellington, a sophomore theatre studies major. She praised the cast, calling the show, “incredible with incredibly talented people.”

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