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Morgan Wallen Ignites Fans’ Excitement for Double Album With Three New Songs

by Samantha Impaglia

Morgan Wallen has been rising up the country charts for some time now, and his likability only increased when he released three new songs from his upcoming album, “Dangerous: The Double Album.”

The new record contains a whopping 30 songs, eight of which have been released prior to the album itself, which is set for January 2021. “Somebody’s Problem,” “Still Goin Down” and “Livin’ The Dream” were most recently dropped, all of which have hinted that this album is going to include plenty more great tracks.

The songs already known on this album are worth saying a few words about first, as all have created some buzz in the country music world. In “Heartless,” an explorative track released during the summer of 2019, Wallen collaborated with Diplo. It was a different approach to a country song and one that succeeded on the charts.

“This Bar,” a surprise release to end 2019, is more of a sentimental track about a hometown establishment.

Two summer quarantine hits came to radio stations with “More Than My Hometown” and “7 Summers,” released in May and August, respectively. One track is a prideful breakup ballad while the other a nostalgic, yet regretful reflection on Wallen’s former years. All have proven to be great additions to the upcoming album.

Photo courtesy of Big Loud Records

“Dangerous: The Double Album” will be Morgan Wallen’s second album.
Photo courtesy of Big Loud Records

In “Livin’ The Dream,” the first of the three new singles, Wallen points out his personal hardships, talking about the struggles that come with his fame. The track is a heartbreaking tell-all in which he explains that being famous is not as amazing as it appears to be; with it comes restless and lonely nights, constant partying and continual stress.

“Livin’ The Dream” is a back-and-forth between the positive things that come from his celebrity status and the struggles that flower from it. Despite the lyrics pointing to a somber mood, it proves to be an impactful song.

“Livin’ The Dream” precedes an unreleased track that hints at Wallen having enough of his celebrity status. While fans have yet to hear it, “Quittin’ Time,” might be exactly what it sounds like. We’ll just have to wait until January when the remainder of the album releases to find out.

“Somebody’s Problem,” another one of Wallen’s early releases, is a lighter piece about a girl he met at a party. Wallen sees her and knows he is going to be involved with her in some way.

The track begins with a sweet and light sound. With emphasis on acoustics, a guitar strums in the background throughout the song. While catchy, the song is underwhelming in comparison to the others. “Somebody’s Problem” has the foundation of a decent song, yet more could have been done to improve it.

The first few seconds of “Still Goin Down,” the last of the three songs recently released, is compelling; the anticipation for Wallen to start singing is evident from the start of the song, ultimately leaving listeners with a feel-good track.

The track is based around Wallen being born and growing up in the country. He prides his Tennessee roots in the cheery song, talking about Southern customs and why he appreciates them.

Wallen compares his upbringing to people who do not come from the south, saying he comes from “a scene a little more Podunk than pop.” “Still Goin’ Down” is a quality song that is sure to be left on repeat after the first listen.

Wallen’s latest singles from his upcoming album “Dangerous: The Double Album” prove that it will be a personal record for the singer. He touches on a multitude of intimate topics surrounding his life, especially in his track “Livin’ The Dream.”

The tracks from the album thus far give listeners a glimpse into the life of a celebrity while remaining humble, telling Wallen’s unique stories from growing up in the south. Wallen took these subjects and made a few great songs out of them, ones that should leave fans even more excited for the rest to be released in his second studio album.

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