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Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ Receives Mixed Reactions Among Students

by Babee Garcia
13 reasons why review netflix
13 reasons why review netflix

A screenshot of the title screen of “13 Reasons Why.”
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Based on the #1 New York Times and international best-seller by Jay Asher, Netflix’s new TV series “13 Reasons Why” has gained a large viewership and attention since its debut on March 31.

When I asked everyone on the Montclair State class of 2020 Facebook group about the show, I received both positive and negative feedback.

“I was hooked and finished the series in three days,” wrote Liz Planer, an undeclared freshman. “It was very dramatic, however, [and] I feel it makes viewers realize how much one’s actions can make an impact on another person’s life. It made me appreciate my own life and love the ones around me.”

David Pontrella, a freshman psychology major, said that “13 Reasons Why” sparks conversations about suicide and how to prevent it. Pontrella expressed that suicide awareness remains relevant, especially now.

Although I gathered mostly positive feedback, some students did not find the show as thrilling as others.

“I definitely think [’13 Reasons Why’] is overrated. I have an unpopular opinion, but i don’t like it. Unrealistic and kind of boring,” Mackenzie Robertson wrote.

Radhee Martinez, a freshman film major has a neutral attitude toward the series. Martinez responded that she does love it, but notices a few imperfections. She pointed out that the actors’ looked over-aged for their characters and she disliked the overreacting.

The series centers on Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) listening to haunting cassette tapes recorded by his high school crush and classmate Hannah Baker, who committed suicide 2 weeks earlier. Each cassette represents a reason why Hannah decided to end her life, one of the reasons being Clay. This suspenseful Netflix series consists of 13 episodes with Hannah and Clay’s narratives leading up to her death.

I recently watched part of this new Netflix series. I must say that the concept behind the book and show are exemplary. Poor mental health and suicide have been taking many innocent lives, but I believe that this series has and will continue to promote awareness. It can show to viewers worldwide that amidst the darkness, they are never alone.

Although it is a dramatization, “13 Reasons Why” can be used as a teaching tool to help someone understand how to cope with these serious issues.

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