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New Dance Space to Inspire Excellent Performances

by Montclarion Entertainment
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The new dance space gives theater and dance students an improved area to perfect their craft.
Photo by Therese Sheridan

The commonly referred to “new dance space” with the cathedral-like feel to it, officially opened on the first day of classes. The old dance space, room 124 in Life Hall, was given to the broadcasting majors of the School of Communication and Media, since their classrooms and facilities were right next to the old rehearsal room.

“The space that we work in has an effect on our creative selves. You need to bring your A game to match the space,” said Lori Katterhenry, deputy chair for dance in the department of theatre and dance, about the new eye-catching dance space in College of the Arts’ Life Hall, home of the department of theater and dance.

The new dance space contributes to the architectural unity with other new campus buildings such as the Feliciano School of Business and the Center for Environmental and Life Sciences.

dance space

Students are taking advantage of the dance space in the new School of Communication and Media building.
Photo by Therese Sheridan

The new dance space is almost constantly used for dance and theater classes, and only theater and dance majors are allowed to use it. “We need the new dance space every minute of every day,” said Katterhenry.

The difference between the old and new dance spaces is noticeable. In the new dance space, professors have the ability to project PowerPoints or videos on the walls to enhance the learning experience for their students. Another new feature is the sprung floor, which helps with the jumping and is safer for the dancers.

According to Katterhenry, the new dance space was built because the department has a record number of students in the dance program and, therefore, the need for rehearsal space has increased.

Katterhenry is convinced that the new and beautiful rehearsal space will translate into excellent performances. “The space is designed to inspire,” she said. “For example, it inspires the students to jump higher, it invites you to do more, to do your best.”

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