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New York Comic Con Avenges Geek Culture

by Alex Centeno

New York Comic Con is one of the biggest events in pop culture. It took place this year from Oct. 4 to Oct. 7 at the Javits Center in Manhattan, New York. This four-day annual event is meant to celebrate geek culture and to create lasting memories.

The convention is often meant to attract fans of movies, TV shows, anime, video games and comic books. The Javits Center was filled with people cosplaying as fictional characters.

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Comic Con in New York City was held in the Javits Center. Alex Centeno | The Montclarion

The lines for photographs and autographs from celebrities have been a major hassle in the past, but the lines within the convention definitely improved. Montclair State University student Alejandro Joewono went through minimal problems avoiding human traffic jams and waited on a 30-minute line for a photo with Matt Smith from “Doctor Who.”

“This year has definitely been better with their lines,” Joewono said. “Nowadays, it only takes a half hour or less for a photograph.”

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A man attending Comic Con cosplays as All Might from “My Hero Academia.” Alex Centeno | The Montclarion

Another celebrity at Comic Con was Zachary Levi from the TV series “Chuck.” The fact that New York Comic Con gives many fans the chance to meet these actors and ask questions is one of the best reasons to attend.

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Two men cosplay as Edward Elric and Roy Mustang from “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.” Alex Centeno | The Montclarion

Of course, the panels are one of the greatest parts of Comic Con. One panel I personally went to was a “Doctor Who,” panel where there were plenty of characters being cosplayed from the show. They also premiered the first episode of series 11, which definitely made watching the episode more fun than seeing it on a regular TV at home. This gave many “Whovians” the chance to ask actress Jodie Whittaker, the first female to play the Doctor, plenty of questions about the show.

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Figurines from “Dragon Ball Z” and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” were sold at Comic Con. Alex Centeno | The Montclarion

Another spectacle that New York Comic Con presents to fans is endless souvenirs. Toys, T-shirts, posters – Comic Con has it all. It gives fans even more memories from their Comic Con experience.

Additionally, this convention had entertainment companies promoting their businesses. One was Dark Horse setting up their own booth that sold products, like comic books. This gave them the opportunity to promote one of their creations, “Hellboy.”

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A small group cosplays as the metal band, Ghost. Alex Centeno | The Montclarion

Whether it is to buy souvenirs, meet celebrities, attend panels, interact with a bunch of strangers or spend time with friends, New York Comic Con is an experience worth having.

IMG_0138 edited.jpg

A person cosplays as Megaman from the “Megaman” video game series. Alex Centeno | The Montclarion


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