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‘Other People’s Children’ Presented at Film Forum

by Montclarion Entertainment

This week, Film Forum presented “Other People’s Children,” a movie starring Diane Marshall-Green, Scott Patterson and Chad Michael Murray.

The movie is about a filmmaker named Samantha who wants to make a documentary about the lives of homeless people. The subject of her documentary is P.K, a charismatic homeless man who starts a romantic relationship with Samantha. Their relationship stirs up unaddressed issues in both of their lives that Samantha and P.K. are forced to acknowledge. The movie also focuses on the tumultuous relationship between Samantha and her father.

Overall, the film was very enjoyable, as the performances were strong, the story was well- written and the film had very good cinematography. The run time is about an hour and a half and is paced exceptionally well.

Chad Michael Murray stars as P.K. in the film "Other People's Children." Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Chad Michael Murray stars as P.K. in the film “Other People’s Children.”
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

After the movie was over, the moderator of Film Forum had a Skype conversation with the director and the cinematographer of the movie. The director, Liz Hinlein, had films that were featured in film festivals around the world. She also directs commercials for Fortune 500 companies, and she was explaining to the audience how different it was to direct a feature length movie versus a commercial.

One of the most fascinating parts of the event was the explanation that some of the homeless people in the movie were not actors and were part of the cast and crew. Hinlein also explained how the movie was filmed in 15 days and, in turn, how they had to speed some things up to make their deadline. This is evident due to the fact that some scenes left some questions hanging, and students asked if there were things that the filmmakers would have liked to expand upon. She said she was happy with the film and with the work of the cinematographer, Edward Button.

Button spoke to the audience about his career and how he really loves his job. In addition, he explained some techniques that he used and also complimented the director for being a good cinematographer as well. Hinlein explained what was going on behind the scenes, and you can really see that there was a lot of effort put into the movie.

In the end, it was a very good film forum that showcased the hard work from the director, cinematographer, writer and all the actors.


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