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‘Ready Player One’ Connects to Modern Nerd Culture

by Alex Centeno

“Ready Player One” is one of the best visual spectacles of the year. It was directed by Steven Spielberg, the same man that brought audiences “Jurassic Park” and “Indiana Jones.” Based on Ernest Cline’s novel of the same name, it is the perfect love letter to moviegoers and gamers alike.

“Ready Player One” excels with its dazzling action sequences, which is something that falls under Spielberg’s forte. It has amazing chase scenes that perfectly display massive hordes of characters, vehicles and weaponry through a callback to classic pop culture films, like “Back To The Future” and “Godzilla.” The film is breathtaking to look at and has been perfectly sound designed.

Spielberg incorporated many classic icons from other films, such as “The Iron Giant” to help make the action sequences much more fun. This definitely gives the audience a sense of nostalgia because these are icons that many grew up with. The theater was raving about the action sequences. It was definitely a wonderful action spectacle.

The film also perfectly conveys how most modern gamers are. It is a film that depicts an advanced virtual reality where people have to create avatars to play and interact with other people. It is all about forming groups of friends to play a game with while not meeting the players in person. The film is just like the internet; it lets people hide their identity and communicate with others through an avatar.

Additionally, the film demonstrates the obsession that gamers have with virtual reality. “Ready Player One” shows how people might stray away from reality and lose themselves to a virtual world.

In terms of performances, actors Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke were both wonderful in the film. Both characters played their avatar counterparts, Parzival and Art3mis respectively, and were examples of how disconnected gamers can be from reality, which was the main theme of the film.

However, actor Ben Mendelsohn, who plays the role of Nolan Sorrento, stole the spotlight. Mendelsohn, with a resume that lists several popular science fiction hits like “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” truly shines in “Ready Player One.” He gives a spectacular performance as the primary antagonist. He plays a CEO of the Oasis game system who has an obsession with winning. His performance as a villain never disappoints, and it is a thrill to see his growth as an actor on the big screen.

Overall, “Ready Player One” was a great book-to-movie adaptation and felt like a real blast from the past. The film may have changed certain scenes from the book, like making them more methodical and the characters’ adventures much more hasty, but it succeeded in bringing the world to life on screen.

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