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Rocky Horror Picture Show Returns To Montclair State University

by Montclarion Entertainment
The cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show Photo by Tom Russo

The cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show
Photo Credit: Tom Russo

Adventure, Transylvanians and most of all, sex, were just few of the things that viewers found while viewing this year’s production of Rocky Horror Picture Show­ performed by the Montclair State University’s Players organization.

Rocky Horror Picture Show has been a huge tradition in the Montclair State University community and it returns every October. This production was directed by Salvatore Bellomo, a junior Organizational Communication major, and Tom Russo, a senior Music Education major.

Director of Rocky, Salvatore Bellomo Photo by Allison Dabour

Director of Rocky, Salvatore Bellomo.
Photo Credit: Allison Dabour

The Rocky Horror Picture Show follows the strange journey of a newly engaged couple, Brad and Janet, as they stumble upon the mansion of Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter, a transvestite scientist, and discover the many bizarre adventures that await them in this mansion.

“Every year, the directors put their own theme to Rocky and this year it’s never been done before, but we put the freak show circus theme into it,” said Bellomo.

“Sometimes the theme is traditional. Last year it was a 90s punk rock theme,” said choreographer Krystal Aguilar, a junior television and production major. “This year it was a freak show, like American Horror Story, but with a twist. The characters were mimes, a magician and a ring leader. Our own theme was a part of it, so we wanted to make it a tad bit different.”

The actors were very interactive with the audience members. They came up to audience members directly and were a constant part of the story. For example, they would touch them while they were in the audience, sit on their laps and perform right in their face.

Before the show began, the actors came into the lobby and seductively asked audience members if they were a virgin to Rocky Horror Picture Show. If so, they would be marked with a ‘V’ on their foreheads in red lipstick.

At the start of the show 12 lucky virgins were pulled onto the stage and had to eat a Twix candy bar while on their knees as the actor held it for them.

If an actor saw that an audience member was not focused on the show, they were allowed to get feisty with audience members and speak to them directly about staying more involved.

If an audience member did not want to be touched they were allowed to mark themselves with a black ‘X’ on their hands.

“This was my first time to Rocky at Montclair and in general, I was cracking up throughout the whole show,” said audience member Victoria Rosas, a senior Television and Production major. “There was just this vibe and adrenaline that was there. They were doing funny improvisations the whole time and I really enjoyed it.”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to Montclair every October because it is such a big hit for the campus community.

The production team of Rocky Photo by Tom Russo

The production team of Rocky
Photo Credit: Tom Russo

“Players was founded in the 60s,” said Aguilar. “When Rocky came out in the 70s, AIDS was becoming much more prevalent, so it was cool because Players is such a safe community. We include everyone and Rocky Horror is a traditional show for Players. It’s such an open show. The reason we keep doing it is because it’s such a huge tradition. It’s the biggest Players show at Montclair and Players is known for it.”

The energy in the room was amped up and the mood was set that this was going to be a fun and rambunctious night. On the night of Thursday Oct. 22, 2015 at 8 p.m., twenty five people had to be turned away because of limited seating in the commuter lounge.

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