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‘Scream Queens’ Kill Season 1 Finale

by Kevin Saez
Emma Roberts at San Diego Comic-Con.

Emma Roberts at San Diego Comic-Con.
Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org

Fox’s new satirical horror series, Scream Queens, premiered its season finale on Dec. 9 and it was everything any dedicated viewer should have expected.

This mock-horror show wrapped up the season by exposing the last two red devils, which were the perpetrators of dozens of campus-wide murders.

Since the series started, the final two revealed killers were painfully obvious likely-suspects, which, as a viewer, made me question them, but not suspect them because it was just too obvious.

The series finale successfully tied up all of the drama’s loose ends and justice was served — kind of.

Chanel Overland, the cruel sorority leader played by Emma Roberts and her two minions were convicted of the murders and sent to spend the remainder of their lives together in an insane asylum. Although Chanel was actually only framed as being the red devil, her character was enticingly evil and deserved to be locked away for eternity.

The series’ success can also be attributed to an amazing cast, starring Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Scream Queens was originally set to air 15 episodes, but that number was later reduced to 13 — likely due to low ratings.

This show’s ironic humor definitely isn’t for everybody, as the characters mock modern themes of young American culture such as sororities, superficial relationships and corruption in education.

Scream Queens will thankfully return for a second season, as announced by producers on Jan. 15. There is not a determined start date or confirmed cast, but it is speculated that cast members from the first season will return for season two.


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