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Student Artist Profile: Fiona Sheridan

by Melissa Hawk

Fiona Sheridan, a multitalented junior communication and media arts major, has taken the passion she found when she was younger to a whole new genre as the lead singer for the New Jersey-based band, Twin Flame.

Sheridan grew up doing musical theater, which led her to sing. She later discovered punk music in her underclassman years of high school.

Sheridan is Twin Flame’s head writer but emphasizes the entire band is to thank for this musical journey through time. Once Sheridan writes the lyrics and creates the melodies, they all work together to put it to music.

She was also the one to come up with the trio’s name. She confessed there was not a backstory behind the band’s name, saying she felt it “sounded cool.”

Tori Colucci (left), Fiona Sheridan (center), and Brie Stoll (right) formed Twin Flame in 2020. Photo Courtesy of Haley Milnes

Tori Colucci (left), Sheridan (center) and Brie Stoll (right) formed Twin Flame in 2020.
Photo courtesy of Haley Milnes

The group itself, which started in 2020, seems to have formed through pure luck. Sheridan met Tori Colucci, the bassist who is a senior art major at Drew University, when they worked together at a coffee shop. After Sheridan and Colucci left a band they were previously in, they were in need of a drummer.

That was when Colucci bought in Brie Stroll, who graduated from Monmouth University last year and had previously gone to school with her. Sheridan says they are all collaborative and enjoy working together.

As for the message Sheridan would like the band to convey, girl power is the main theme.

“We’re all girls and there’s not many all-girl punk bands,” Sheridan said. “I just think it’s really cool three girls can do something in such a male-dominated genre and industry.”

Sheridan (left), Stoll (center) and Colucci (right) play together in their band Twin Flame. Photo Courtesy of Haley Milnes

Sheridan (left), Stoll (center) and Colucci (right) play together in their band Twin Flame.
Photo courtesy of Haley Milnes

Listening to the band’s debut EP, “Nostalgia Trip,” one can hear Sheridan’s connection with the genre. The song “7:50” opens the EP with a heavy guitar intro and a drumbeat you can headbang to accompanied with flirty, rebellious lyrics.

“Won’t you come down at 7:50 / Cause I know by 8 o’clock you’ll miss me / Cause I got something that I could tell you / Even though they’re saying that I barely know you,” Sheridan sings.

Like many great musicians, Sheridan uses art to express her emotions. Another track on the EP, “Last Year,” contradicts the emotions portrayed in “7:50.”

“The pictures won’t leave my head / There’s a lot that I missed out on can we start over again,” Sheridan sings, showing a more vulnerable side of the songstress.

Sheridan divulged the story behind the EP.

“All four songs are about a very specific time in my life and how I felt during different moments during this one year of my life,” Sheridan said. “Each of them follows their own stories in this one year and that’s why we called it ‘Nostalgia Trip.’”

Courtney Gilmartin, a senior psychology major at Montclair State, expressed her connection with one of the songs.

“My favorite song is ‘Future,’” Gilmartin said. “The beat is really catchy and the lyrics have definitely been relatable in my life at certain points.”

Stoll (left), Sheridan (center) and Colucci (right) work together collaboratively in Twin Flame. Photo Courtesy of Haley Milnes

Stoll (left), Sheridan (center) and Colucci (right) work together collaboratively in the band Twin Flame.
Photo courtesy of Haley Milnes

As for what Sheridan’s favorite part about being in a band is, she says she feels pride and gushed about her bandmates.

“When we’re at rehearsals together, we get stuff done, but we have the best time,” Sheridan said. “It’s just rewarding, too. Sometimes I remember, ‘Oh I have music out, that’s kinda cool.’”

Eli Miller, a junior public relations major, noted the band’s evident bond when seeing them live.

“It was honestly a blast,” Miller said. “They have amazing chemistry and sounded amazing.”

Reflecting on the time she has spent in the band, Sheridan notes her enjoyment of the experience.

“If nothing ever takes off or happens, I don’t care because I’m having fun with my best friends,” Sheridan said.

For anyone looking for more from the budding band, Sheridan is currently writing more songs for an EP she hopes to be out near the end of the year. More updates can be found at the band’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, @TwinFlame.

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