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Student Artist Profile: Joe Pandosh

by Tess Reynolds

Q: What is the name of your major?

A: BFA musical theater.

Q: When you did you start acting?

A: My first time acting was in elementary [and] junior high school, but I only started taking it seriously in high school.

Q: When and why did you decide to pursue it as a career?

A: It was my freshman year of high school and it was through performing that I learned I could change the world, that I could make it a happier place, even if it was only for one person in one single moment.

Q: What experiences have you had acting?

A: Through acting, I was able to slip in and experience an entire new life—think, act and feel as someone else.

Q: What have you learned through being an actor?

A: I’ve learned through acting that nothing is two-dimensional—that there is always a layer down or another level you can get to.

Q: What is your biggest motivation?

A: My biggest motivation is to help people escape their lives and problems, even if it’s only for a few hours.

Q: How has Montclair State University fostered you as an artist?

A: Montclair State has given me more opportunity to study my passions and pursue the ones I’d otherwise have little to no access to (i.e. dance, as it has now become one of my favorite forms of expression).

Q: Who are your biggest supporters?

A: My mother and sister are my biggest support, knowing full well the life I’ve chosen yet still helping me along the way.

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: Mel Brook’s comedy has always been an inspiration to me to keep people laughing.

Q: What’s your latest project?

A: My latest project is the musical theater freshman showcase featuring songs and works from all of the freshmen musical theater majors.

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