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Student Artist Profile: Joshua Leclerc

by Montclarion Entertainment

Joshua Leclerc is a student in Montclair State’s art program. Photos courtesy of Joshua Leclerc

Q: What is your biggest motivation?

A: My biggest motivation are my little brothers. I am the oldest out of five and I have always been the kind of person to strive and do things out of the norm but still try and better myself at the same time.

Q: How has Montclair State University fostered you as an artist?

A: Montclair’s art program lacks in certain areas, to be totally honest. They did however improve my drawing skills drastically from my freshman year ‘til now. Their drawing courses are rigorous.

Q: Who are your biggest supporters?

A: My biggest supporters are my fans and friends. Even thought I don’t have many fans, the ones that do enjoy my work give me feedback that I appreciate, and my friends who are brutally honest at times help mold me to a better artist.
Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: My biggest inspirations are old school illustrators like J.C. Leyendecker and Milton Glaser whom have a very unique style and very fresh style.

Q: What’s your latest project?


One of Joshua Leclerc’s pieces.

A: My last project which is still ongoing deals with hardships that kids face while growing up in poorer neighborhoods.

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